Dhai Bachhar Me Bagarge Dhai Akhar Prem * “Again suraaj ke din re sangi, bandh le paga saj le bandi, karma geet ga ke aaja, jhum ja sangi mor” a geet la gavat meh 15th august, on the day of suraji, the tricolor hoisted full of mercury. Laika mind, keep on distributing boondi sev. Then more younger son heritage every question- Papa ji, bumblebee, rhinoceros and sonta are eaten? After hearing the question, I will eat again and tell ola and son, lattu is called bumblebee. The “Gendi” is made from bamboo, there is a custom of climbing and dancing on the day of Hareli festival. The people of the Raut community of Chhattisgarh dance while worshiping the deity during Deepawali, waving sticks of tendu tree. Speaking Doha, they beat the hands and feet of other companions with a thick rope. This process is called Sonta Khana. But why suddenly the curiosity to know about Sonta bumblebee and rhinoceros was born in your mind? On this, the son told the honorable Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel ji published in the newspapers by showing the photo of bumblebee running, climbing hen and eating sonta. I was curious to know. A incident every mola Bharosa Deva dee’s that the house is awake, then the outsiders can become the new people of the house. Chhattisgarhia, beautiful in appearance, good in audat” In two and a half years, two and a half years, two and a half years, Prem, Jaun customs of Chhattisgarh, Teej-Tihar Khai- Khazani Mann Har Nandawat Rahin Ten Laika Laika of Chhattisgarh I have known. In his tenure of two and a half years empty of Kabar, the Chief Minister ji is the man, the words of Kabir Das ji in his words and deeds – “Dhai akhar prem ka padhe so pandit hoy”. Twelve months were spent on the banks of river Mahanadi, in the heart of Arpa pari and Mahanadi. Mane Sarkar” Heet new Lagais. Fer Bhupesh Sarkar, sitting in the chair, the new minister of “Gadbo Nava Chhattisgarh” blew in the ears of the people. Started under the supervision of Chief Minister Bhupesh ji. First of all, people are laughing and laughing, then today in the village Sahar, there is a rule of cow dung. Yes, he fulfills his dream of climbing fast. May he make a great man, he is the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, he has taken many innovative steps, but on the occasion of World Tribal Day. Holiday in Tribal Day, in Kora, Chhattisgarh, Mahtari, 31 percent population of Scheduled Castes-Tribes. Jema42 is the Minjhra of the tribe. Jinkhar art culture is in the hands of the world of Chaupal Le Ucha of Chhattisgarh village. Before the revolution of 1857 for the sake of the country, Bir Bahadur Lalna Manha Baghwa of the tribal society in 1824. Devanya. Aisan tribal society, the special day of August 9, has come to the value of tribal soil in true sense. Every historical decision should be taken by the Bhupesh government. Aisan kar nawa sarkar har nawa jot jalawat sandesa dees havay–the villages where water does not fall, the crops get spoiled, where the festivals are not respected, the breeds are destroyed. Went to the rice bowl. Due to the farmer’s jagar and nangar, the paddy was planted in the kothi. The farmer’s god of Fer Bhuiya was the farmer’s dasa-l famine-dukal karja-bodi har spoilat rahis. The decision of Bhupesh government to follow, buy food grains at affordable prices, cheap electricity, electric powered pump dehes, Har Green Kranti Laan Dis Hawai. In the strength of Godhan Nyay Yojana, Rajiv Gandhi Farmer and Rural Landless Agricultural Laborer Nyay Yojana, discussions of “Wheat sown Rai” are being held across the country. Hawai. Electricity is available in half the price, people go to Chhattisgarh Rajlal Vidyut Kuber Tako to read and write. Here electricity flooded, the water was filled for twelve months. I will give electricity unprecedented decision Chief Minister ji Karin. A scheme is for every poor family bardana bangis. After the folk artist became the kingdom of Chhattisgarh, the first ghav bhar bhar big folk festival is organized. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel ji should work to bring light to his withered face by becoming “artist’s mind”. The Kalamanch of the village, the Ramayana troupe should decide on the decision of the Barhar Dehe Bar Jabar cash prize dehe. The artiste La Sahara Dees Hawai has come under the grip of Coronavirus. Sanwar Dees Mata Kaushalya’s Temple Garb came that the temple of Mata Kaushalya in Chattisgarh across the country is in Chandkhuri. Jekhar has become a year of maintenance, Kono Aghu new ain. The government is doing every thing, so the words of the people are heard – Bhupesh is the clockmaker to make up for the spoiled time, the sacred voice that echoes in the bells of the temples is Bhupesh’s daughter, everyone’s daughter, daughter aay pothi, once in a while, Chhattisgarh has received the name of “backward state”. Jila Dhowat Chief Minister today is the new identity of “More Development State”, Deva Dis Haway. Here’s daughter man la son gets equal respect. First of all, government English school should be started. The people of the four folded together say yes – if the wind stops, it is like the moon, if a person looks in the sun, it is like a shade. Dare Rahis that peacock son will one day take over the governance of Chhattisgarh. The day has become big. Take the childhood of the Chief Minister, teach every ola sanskar devat text, on the books of life, of course, offer a new cover, but first paste the scattered pages with love. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading