मंत्री श्रीमती भेंड़िया ने कोरोना की संभावित लहर से निपटने चिकित्सा उपकरणों को झंडी दिखाकर किया रवाना

The effect of the second wave of Kovid was also seen in rural and far flung areas. The need for oxygen came to the fore in the second wave. Keeping this in mind, the Minister of Women and Child Development and Social Welfare, Smt. Anila Bhendia today traveled from her residence in Forest Colony, Raipur to Dondi-Lohra Community Health Center in Balod district to prepare before dealing with the possible third wave of Corona. The vehicle of medical equipment worth seven and a half lakh rupees was dispatched. The medical equipment was provided by the Oxfam India organization under Mission Sanjivani, supporting the efforts of the state government to deal with the challenges of the corona pandemic. On this occasion, Minister Smt. Bhendia expressed her gratitude to Oxfam and said that this help is important for pre-preparation in rural areas most affected by the second wave of Corona. This will make the health system more strong. Medical equipment for community health center includes oxygen cylinders of 40 liters capacity, 6 nos., oxygen flow meter 10 nos., oxygen nasal mask 40 nos., pulse oxygen meter 6 nos., nebulizer 6 nos., bed semi-fowler Includes Mattress 5 Nos., BP Machine LEDs 2 Nos., Digital Thermometer 10 Nos., Multi Parameter Patient Monitor 1, BiPep Machine 1 No. & Oxygen Concentrator 1 No. Along with this, there is also 100 PPE kits for health workers. Oxfam India has also provided such medical equipment to 9 other Community Health Centers and 35 Primary Health Centers as per requirement. Oxfam India representative Shri Anand Shukla informed that in view of the widespread impact of the COVID pandemic, Oxfam India is striving to transport medical equipment to primary and community health centers in rural and remote areas to prepare for a possible third wave. Along with medical equipment, arrangements have also been made for dry ration for the needy people. Prakash Guardia of Oxfam India said that Oxfam is focusing on strengthening the rural health system. At present, medical kits are being provided to the Mitanins who play an important role in the health system in Kabirdham and Rajnandgaon districts. Along with medical equipment, work is also being done on dissemination of information. Messages have also been recorded in Chhattisgarhi by doctors to increase awareness on the vaccine. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading