प्लास्टिक के दुष्प्रभाव से बचने बनाया बर्तन बैंक :

Environment is a gift of nature. Every element that we use to survive, they all come under the environment. Even a small initiative to save it can make the earth a heaven. One such effort has been made by the women of self-help groups of Mahasamund district. Along with making people aware about the ill-effects of plastic utensils, he has started the Utensil Bank. Through this bank, they are renting out steel utensils for use in weddings and other events at low rates. Reshma Sahu, president of the Krishna Vikas Self-Help Group of village Rytum in c, told that during the wedding ceremony, people used to use glasses and plates made of plastic and thermocol on the occasion. After which he has made a utensil bank by depositing steel utensils as an alternative to not using plastic. It was started about 2 years ago after joining the BIHAAN scheme at a cost of 12 thousand rupees. Utensils are being bought and given to people on low rent. Due to this people around are gradually giving up using plastic utensils. Whenever religious and social events including birthdays, kitty parties are held at someone’s place, people take steel plates, glasses, spoons, bowls and other utensils from the utensil bank. After the event, the utensils are cleaned and the utensils are deposited in the bank. If any vessel is lost, then its charge is taken from the concerned, so that another vessel can be bought according to the need. The village is also becoming plastic free. Mrs. Sahu told that there are 8 women in her group. During the Corona period, the program was not organized as expected due to lesser profit. But now their income is increasing due to slowing down of Corona. Now 5-6 thousand rupees are earned every month. He told that apart from this, he also makes essential items like mushroom, incense sticks, murku, badi, papad, sanitary pad with pickle etc. Which gets sold well in the local and hot markets. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading