During the Sukma Corona crisis, awareness about immunity has increased among the people. In such a situation, especially the immunity of children is also being taken care of. The program of child protection month was launched by CMHO Dr. CBP Bansod on 24th August at District Hospital Sukma. Instructions were given to the beneficiary and their families present in the program to supply nutritious food rich in vitamins to the children. The Civil Surgeon, District Immunization Officer, and other officers and employees of the Health Department were present in the inauguration ceremony. On this occasion, CMHO Dr. C.B.P. Bansod has appealed to all the people of the district that, “No child should be deprived of the health services and vaccinations provided during the child protection month program and pregnant mothers and 9 months Provide necessary support to the children in the age group of 5 to 5 years to avail the benefits of health services provided during the Child Protection Month. So that all of us can contribute in building a healthy district, a healthy state and a healthy nation. District Immunization Officer Dr. Dipesh Chandrakar said, “It is very important to give nutritious food to children as well as vitamin A supplements. This dose is given to children from 9 months to 5 years of age once in 6 months. Vitamin A supplements increase the immunity of children. In addition, there is also a reduction in malnutrition. The program is being run in 11 sessions for the dosage of Vitamin A and iron syrup, during which the children’s weight will also be taken, so that the malnourished, very malnourished or severely malnourished child can be identified early and facilitated through the Nutrition Rehabilitation Center. to be benefited”. There are 24,743 beneficiaries of Vitamin A and 27,382 of Iron Folic Acid in the district during Child Protection Month. In which 11,966 boys and 12,777 girls will be given Vitamin A and 13,274 boys and 14,108 girls will be given iron folic acid. Dosage of Vitamin A A total of 9 doses are given to children from 09 months to 05 years at an interval of 6 months. The first dose with measles vaccine is given between 09 months and 11 months. The second dose is given between 16 months and 24 months with the second dose of Polio, DPT, Hepatitis B Measles. 03rd to 09th dose is given every 06 months under child protection. This medicine is available only in government institutions. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading