On the initiative of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, the employment-oriented works being done in Gauthans are not only providing employment to the people, but also getting rid of harmful chemical fertilizers by the manufacture of organic manures being made here. Along with keeping animals in the Gauthans built in the villages, nutritious fodder is being provided. Proper care of animals is also done here. In order to provide nutritious green fodder to the animals in Sukma district of Bastar division, Napier grass has been planted in 80 Gauthans in an area of ​​about 241.50 acres. It’s starting to spin now. Napier grass grows rapidly and grows rapidly after harvesting. This grass is rich in nutrients for animals. In the coming time, by selling Napier grass and Napier bales, Gothan committees, self-help groups will get financial benefits. The Deputy Director of Veterinary Services said that green fodder can be obtained by harvesting Napier grass 6 to 8 times in a year. . Nutrient-rich hybrid Napier grass contains 8-10 per cent crude protein, 30 per cent crude fiber and 0.5 per cent calcium. Apart from this, it has 60 percent digestibility and 3 percent oxalate in addition to 16-20 percent dry matter. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading