A North Carolina preschool teacher who had recently lost his job as a teacher and his father to the coronavirus infection has won $250,000 in a lottery. Joe Camp was laid off in September as the schools had to resort to slashing the staff due to the monetary crisis amid the coronavirus crisis. The dad and grandfather bought the NC lottery “Gold Rush” ticket for the family and “fell on his knees” at the gas pump station after he scratched his prize. In a news release to NC, the Charlotte resident said that he plans to buy a new home which will be inherited by his grandkids, and pay for his daughter’s education that he previously was struggling to afford. “It put me in a dark place,” said Camp in the release, adding that he had a lot of friends and family that told him to “keep sticking in there, keep believing in myself.” 

“Thursday morning, I went to the store and bought a scratch-off ticket like I usually do,” Camp said. “And I bought two tickets. I didn’t win on the first one, so I tried the second and I scratched it off, and I fell to my knees at the gas pump,” Camp said in the release. He added that he had been submerged under the mountain hardships and just when he had thought life couldn’t have been any harder, he won the lottery.