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Yoga Obama: Modi fasting rest eating: In Shastri’s hand glass of water instead of wine at Tashkent

Yoga Obama: Modi fasting rest eating: In Shastri’s hand glass of water instead of wine at Tashkent


While the First Lady has been instrumental in introducing yoga inside the White House,

Obama appeared to be very impressed by the energy shown by Modi despite being on fast, when he hosted the latter over a private working dinner in the Blue Room of the White House. 


“I’m seeing myself shift from weight-bearing stuff—even though that continues to be important±and the heavy cardio and running, to things like yoga that will keep me flexible,” First Lady Michelle Obama told People magazine in an interview hitting newsstands on her birthday.


They joked about the fact that the rest were eating and the Prime Minister (Modi) was fasting. The same happened at Tashkent where Lal Bahadur Shastri took the glass of water instead of wine in the honour giving party at Tashkent:

Yoga at the White House

Barack and Michelle Obama will host a “yoga garden” during their annual Easter festivities today. The First Couple has long promoted yoga as a way to stay in shape. But the Times of India reports that not everyone in the U.S. is on board: in California, parents have brought a law suit against schools that teach yoga, saying the Indian practice is inherently religious and promotes Hinduism.


Yoga and mediation are the gifts of ancient India. Why whole world are running towards them. Are taking breadth and doing Suryanamaskar communalism? Astrology is being adopted since the ancient India. Now every channel is sounding that and people of all religion, poor to rich and literate to illiterate follow their guidelines.


Yoga is Hinduism and Hinduism is Yoga

There are a lot of emails coming with the title "Yoga has nothing to do with Hindu religion."  Many Hindus seem to be upset about that.  As far as I know, and everyone and their brother knows, Yoga is part of Hindu dharma. It is written all over the Bhagavad Gita and our Hindu scriptures.  And, Maharishi Patanjali, the father of Yoga, wrote the book named "Yoga Sutra", which is the Gita, or Bible, of Yoga.  The biggest problem with our Hindu community in the West is that they do not like the Yoga teachers and Hindu Swamis not calling Yoga, Hindu Yoga.  It upsets them a great deal.

White House embraces Yoga: In India at the time of UPA Got Tax on Yoga


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News Analysis India | Lalgarh newborn child of Congress and Left

News Analysis India

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Lalgarh newborn child of Congress and Left

Maoist captured Lalgarh W.B. and declared it free zone. This reminds us the hurdles in hoisting tricolor in Lal Chowk of Srinagar. This type of situation we face in Hyderabad, Hubli, Malapuram etc. time to time.


West Midanapore district have been captured and declared a ‘Free zone (liberated zone)’ by Maoists. Sporadic gun battles and killings for control of villages in rural Bengal that began after CPM's electoral debacle threaten to erupt into a full-fledged war.


In an interview to a Bengali TV channel, Kisanji, known as Koteswar Rao, demanded an apology by the state government and the Centre for 'atrocities' committed on the tribals over the years.


Maoists/naxalites are killing daily innocent tribes of Bastar, Jharkhand and Orissa etc. Koteshwar Rao is silent that.


The rebels Maoists/Naxalites began an armed struggle with a peasant revolt in Naxalbari village in West Bengal in 1967 but were initially crushed by the Congress-led government. But they again regrouping 1980s with the direct indirect blessing and help of Congress and Left, they began recruiting poor villagers and tribes, arming them. Even they are recruiting children. China made arm also found from them. They have link with ISI and other separatist groups.


Government authorities say they are led by Koteshwar Rao, also known as Kishanjee, who is in charge of militant activities, and Ganapathi (one name), the political leader. Neither has been seen in public and remains hidden in dense forest bases.



Lalgarh so called free zone has following links:


After 17 years, a political leader hoisted the tricolour on the occasion of the Republic day at Lal Chowk in the heart of the city. Ex-President of BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi had unfurled the national flag on January 26, 1991 at the same place where separatists used to hoist Pakistani flags since the onset of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir in 1989.

Why Hindus want secularism: Hindus are under siege in the Muslim majority district of Malappuram - Kerala. The district was carved out to create a Muslim majority district by the Communist government headed by E.M.S Namboothiripad.

Who threw Taslima out of Kolkata?

Even a minister can’t enter in the old city of Hyderabad without permission of MIM?


A settlement was reached at Hubli permitting the State government to hoist the national flag at the maidan on Republic Day and Independence Day. But the state government is not hoisting the national flag lest it would hurt the religious sentiments of minorities.



Congress and Left themselves responsible for lalgarh incident


On June 19, 2006, the CPI (M), the CPI and the All-India Forward Bloc said the historic accord between the Maoists and the Seven-Party Alliance in Nepal would have a "great impact" on the polity in the entire Indian sub-continent as there had been talks of a "revolutionary corridor" from Kashmir to Vishakapatnam encompassing all the naxalite movements and a section of the LTTE. Some sections within Pakistan, he said, had been thinking such a corridor would help the Maoists in their country to bring about a revolutionary change. "But now the accord in Nepal will have ideological repercussions on the extremist elements everywhere."



Leftist in the mask of democracy:

Leftist leaders of India including Somnath Chatterjee and Vardhan congratulated them (Nepai Maoists) in the hope that one day Indian and other neighboring countries will embrace the ideology of Marx and Mao.


As reported on Feb 3, 2005, Sonia Gandhi forced cops to let Naxal leaders free to murder democracy! Several Naxalite leaders importantly Ramakrishna, Sudhakar Peer, S. Appa Rao and those from Jharkhand and Bihar, were reported to have been allowed safe passage after the Greyhound commandos — of the crack anti-Naxalite force — surrounded them in a forest. Congress took support of Naxalites in Andhra to grip power in Andhra.


By Premendra Agrawal



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