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Guilty Anand ke saath, Congress kaa Saath



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Supreme Court on July 29, 2009 upheld a Delhi High Court ruling convicting senior lawyer R.K. Anand who shielded main culprit Sanjeev Nanda in the BMW hit-and-run case.  NDTV?s sting operation has exposed the Congress leader and lawyer of the accused in 1984?s Masscare of Sikhs.


Quattrocchi ke saath, Congress kaa haath: Like that, Guilty Anand ke saath, Congress kaa haath. How Congress can distance himself from its leader R K Anand?


Find self written bio data of R K Anand at his web:

“I have done enough in the legal profession. Now I want to serve my country to strengthen the democracy. I know I can make a difference.” R K Anand

R K Anand, the man defending Sanjeev Nanda in the BMW case, began his legal career at the Tis Hazari Court in Delhi as a civil Lawyer in the late 1960s.

In 2000 the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha JMM nominated him to the Rajya Sabha from Jharkhand. He also contested on a Congress ticket from South Delhi in the 2004 Lok Sabha polls but lost.
Sting that exposed Anand was in the public interest: SC

Before that in February 2003 he was appointed the AICC observer for the Assembly polls in Himachal Pradesh.


Senior Supreme Court Advocate R.K. Anand was the Congress candidate for the 2004 Lok Sabha elections from South Delhi constituency. He also had high profile clients from the Congress party like former Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao and former union minister H.K.L. Bhagat. He was also reportedly close to former external affairs minister Natwar Singh.


“Teen Ticket (Anand) Maha Vikat”

AS Anand was, Chairman of NHRC. It is ’Muslim right Commission’. RK Anand, Congress leader, and was accused in 84’s riot. Javed Anand, husband of Teesta is a fanatic supporter of terrorism.


It was said in NDTV sting operation that there was a bargaining between Congress leader and senior advocate R K Anand with the alone witness Kulkarni and the deal was in cores.


Shri RK Anand said that he had been associated with Congress leaders since 1977-78. In 1981 he had been lawyer of Smt. Indira Gandhi and had all kinds of interaction with her when a succession suit had been filed after the death of Shri Sanjay Gandhi. He also appeared as a lawyer for Shri Rajiv Gandhi and since had with other Congress leaders.

Opportunist Anand

Asked if he had joined the JMM only to become a Member of Parliament, Shri RK Anand said that at that time there was only one seat which was available. Only because of the JMM I could not have been elected as JMM had only 13 votes.


How Anand saved accused of 1984 riots

August-September 1990: The Poti-Rosha committee sent two batches of recommendations covering altogether 30 affidavits, including the case against Sajjan Kumar. When a CBI team went to his house to arrest him, Sajjan Kumar and his supporters locked up the officials and detained them till his lawyer, R.K. Anand (now a Congress MP), obtained ?anticipatory bail? from the high court.


While defending accused Congress leaders, Anand once secured anticipatory bail for Kumar in 1990 even after a CBI [Central Bureau of Investigation] team had actually arrested him. Anand could do so because of the bizarre development in which the CBI officials, who arrested Kumar, were locked up in his house by a mob of his supporters.


Save Rao in St Kitts case

He defended Narsimha Rao in in St Kitts case. R.K.Anand, the counsel for Rao reiterated in May 97 that his client had only directed Indian Consulate General at New York to attest the documents in routine manner under instruction from PMO, without knowing that they were forged.


Garib ( R K Anand) ka haath Congress ke saath!!

Not far behind is the Eminent lawyer, RK Anand, defeated Congress candidate from South Delhi by V K Malhotra of BJP, whose movable and immovable properties taken together were estimated to be worth several crores according to his affidavit filed at the time of contesting.



Advocate R KAnand said, "Where is the evidence? Was I on camera giving money to Kulkarni to give a statement in favor of my client? Was I on camera offering money?" Congress and Mayawati can argue the same.


Caught on camera corruption and caught in print media honesty

After the invention of electronic channels in India, leaders think that caught on camera is crime but caught in print media is not a crime. Pradip Gandhi with others caught on camera in taking bribe for asking questions in the parliament, so it became crime but not others if they take or give bribe behind camera. Print media says there is a bargaining between BSP and Congress to give and get support in the coming Presidential Election subject to Taj Corridor Scam of Rs 170 crores. But this is legal.


Analysis by Premendra Agrawal


Two voices by surgery by politics



Himesh Kazarare


By surgery Himesh Reshammiya of Bollywood is going towards the Holly wood’s Late Michael Jackson of two voices. Politician are not behind this. They are going with two voices by adopting political surgery.


Michael Jackson had two voices.


Michael Jackson is known for his high-pitched nasal voice but a witness at his child sex trial confirmed he, as many have long suspected, also has a much deeper voice.

"There's the voice you hear on TV and stuff, and then there's the upset voice," Rudy Provincio, who worked for Jackson in 2001 and 2002, told jurors.

"One is a deeper voice," he said.

Both voices were distinctive.

Surgery gives Bollywoody Himesh two voices.

Sources of Times of India and Economic Times said, “Himesh, apart from his nasal voice, he has now added a different voice which is a base middle octave. This way, he will have two distinct voices and anybody who indentifies him with his style will never be able to say that the other voice is also his. The surgery happened in South Africa when he was shooting for Kajraare and it took close to two hours. It is a closely guarded secret and Himesh doesn’t want anyone to know about it.”

The source further said, “This new voice will be heard in all his forthcoming films - Ishk Unplugged, Radio, Kajraare and A New Love Isshtory. The strategy is that Himesh will perform live at the music release of Radio a few weeks down the line where he will sing in his new voice. The voice is extremely good and the songs that he has recorded are sure to work with his fans.”

Two voices of Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi said her inner voice had dissuaded her from taking the top job, but she remained leader of the Congress party. It means to be a President of Congress is not top job according to her. According to Soniaji top job for her is Prime Ministerial job.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

So Sonia Gandhi invented two voices. Her inner voice is through Prime Minister Dr. Singh and outer voice is through the nasal of Soniaji. Proof: Sonia back Dr. Singh, Sonia endorses Dr. Singh’s joint statement with Geelani at Sharm-El-Shekh.

Sonia Gandhi could hear her inner voice for transforming Christian heart to Hindus with the help of her Christian lob by’s Glady Staines, Smt. Benny Hinn, Alwar, Ambika Soni, Oscar Fernadis, Ajit Jogi, Rajshekhar Reddy, S.C. Jamir, Navin Chawla and others. How many such post are given to other minority community in Sonia led Congress rule?


Two voices would be Maharashtra Governor

Maharashtra Governor SC Jamir, who has been given additional charge as Governor of Gujarat, was on July 30, 09 sworn in by the Gujarat High Court Chief Justice KS Radha krishnan. His one voice will be heard in Maharashtra and another in Gujarat.

Has any example, as S.C. Jamir who gets quick promotion? Jamir, former chief minister of Nagaland, after that governor of Goa is now governor of Maharashtra and Gujarat?


Two voices: Pre and Post-Godhra killings

The Supreme Court on July 30 gave another five months to Special Investigation Team (SIT) appointed by it to complete the probe into the alleged role of Gujarat Government and CM Narendra Modi at the time post Godhra riots.

There are so many pseudo secular voices on unfortunate Post-Godhra riots. Should army, police, people be divided as secular and non-secular?

Raising voice on the the burning of Rabhakts in the Sabarmati Express compartments at Godhra is communalism!!


P M Dr. Singh’s two voices

Dr. Singh’s voice at Sharm-El-Shekh was included joint statement. He accepted delinking of terrorism in composite dialogue.

P M Dr. Singh spoke in the parliament in different voice.

Peace vs War: According to Dr. Singh, Sonia Gandhi and Pranab Mukherji talking about Pakistan sponsored terrorism in the composite dialogue means inviting war! Opposite to this means efforts for peace!!

I discussed political two voices as news reported on July 30 and July 31, 09.


Analysis by Premendra Agrawal

News Analysis India | China in Moscow

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China in Moscow

As we know, the Chinese are taking many, but not quality. But at the same time we learned, where there are Chinese noodles, drinking fresh Te Guan Yin, engage in Feng Shui and buy a brush for calligraphy.
First, what do the Chinese, being outside the country - open a restaurant.  With this little gastronomic victory begins any Chinatown, Chinatown with its own infrastructure.  In St. Petersburg, the twin city of Shanghai, operate 160 schools of Chinese cuisine, 90% of them owned by ethnic Chinese.  On the shore of the Gulf of Finland based official Chinatown "Baltic Pearl". In Moscow widespread kiosks with a Chinese fast food, and the north-east lay the first stone of the business center "Park Huamin.

 In the world of nearly two billion Chinese,  in Moscow, according to statistics of China's embassy – are not more than thirty thousand-  The same number of undocumented guest workers,  for a full-fledged Chinatown is not enough.  Minister of the Embassy of China in Russia Le Yucheng believes that the scale of illegal migration, even within Russia has been greatly exaggerated.  Now on the territory of our country from 200 to 300 thousand Chinese people, most of them live in the Far East.

 ‘Chinese people uncomfortable’,  is stated in the House of Nationalities during a roundtable on the prospects of development of the Chinese diasporas.  Reason formulated researcher Sciences George Dudnikov: "The Chinese in Russia is seen as the shuttle."
In Moscow, freely sold the magazine "China"  In the Tretyakov Gallery - Exhibition of white gold (Chinese porcelain), in the chambers of the Kremlin - exhibition devoted to silk.  Clubbers promised to "Night of the Chinese disco!  But Sinologist interested in culture, regardless of fashion, knows: China in Moscow presented a handful of poorly-dispersed institutions in different parts of the city.  Many of them, such as tea, the most widespread, living their own lives without the Chinese, here effort to select the salient points that will inevitably become part of Moscow's Chinatown, as soon as it we will.
 However, this year, the Celestial Empire in fashion,  not far off the Beijing Olympics-2008, after which talk about the poor quality fakes and SARS would be bad form.  It's time to be interested in Chinese contemporary art, cinema, circus, music ...

 With the advent of the Year of China in Russia to make it easy. 

 Chinese Products
 Perhaps now we'll reveal the secret and betray disclose the place where restaurateurs and chefs' Beijing duck "and" Chinatown "buy sauces.  At the right end of the house number 18 on the street Panfilov (restaurant "Chinatown" here, on the fifth floor) these catacombs full of Chinese.  Security at the entrance takes passport issued by a numbered tag and runs into an underground labyrinth.  And there - a Chinese woman in pajamas, not speaking in Russian, socks on the washing line, the unbearable stench of fish and, finally, the precious store.  Sauces - ginger, soy, sweet and sour - not get off: you must be prevailed upon to buy some more tea, green or a flower.  Not be able to stay - very nice packaging.
 Panfilov, 18 / 2, Sokol

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