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China in Moscow

As we know, the Chinese are taking many, but not quality. But at the same time we learned, where there are Chinese noodles, drinking fresh Te Guan Yin, engage in Feng Shui and buy a brush for calligraphy.
First, what do the Chinese, being outside the country - open a restaurant.  With this little gastronomic victory begins any Chinatown, Chinatown with its own infrastructure.  In St. Petersburg, the twin city of Shanghai, operate 160 schools of Chinese cuisine, 90% of them owned by ethnic Chinese.  On the shore of the Gulf of Finland based official Chinatown "Baltic Pearl". In Moscow widespread kiosks with a Chinese fast food, and the north-east lay the first stone of the business center "Park Huamin.

 In the world of nearly two billion Chinese,  in Moscow, according to statistics of China's embassy – are not more than thirty thousand-  The same number of undocumented guest workers,  for a full-fledged Chinatown is not enough.  Minister of the Embassy of China in Russia Le Yucheng believes that the scale of illegal migration, even within Russia has been greatly exaggerated.  Now on the territory of our country from 200 to 300 thousand Chinese people, most of them live in the Far East.

 ‘Chinese people uncomfortable’,  is stated in the House of Nationalities during a roundtable on the prospects of development of the Chinese diasporas.  Reason formulated researcher Sciences George Dudnikov: "The Chinese in Russia is seen as the shuttle."
In Moscow, freely sold the magazine "China"  In the Tretyakov Gallery - Exhibition of white gold (Chinese porcelain), in the chambers of the Kremlin - exhibition devoted to silk.  Clubbers promised to "Night of the Chinese disco!  But Sinologist interested in culture, regardless of fashion, knows: China in Moscow presented a handful of poorly-dispersed institutions in different parts of the city.  Many of them, such as tea, the most widespread, living their own lives without the Chinese, here effort to select the salient points that will inevitably become part of Moscow's Chinatown, as soon as it we will.
 However, this year, the Celestial Empire in fashion,  not far off the Beijing Olympics-2008, after which talk about the poor quality fakes and SARS would be bad form.  It's time to be interested in Chinese contemporary art, cinema, circus, music ...

 With the advent of the Year of China in Russia to make it easy. 

 Chinese Products
 Perhaps now we'll reveal the secret and betray disclose the place where restaurateurs and chefs' Beijing duck "and" Chinatown "buy sauces.  At the right end of the house number 18 on the street Panfilov (restaurant "Chinatown" here, on the fifth floor) these catacombs full of Chinese.  Security at the entrance takes passport issued by a numbered tag and runs into an underground labyrinth.  And there - a Chinese woman in pajamas, not speaking in Russian, socks on the washing line, the unbearable stench of fish and, finally, the precious store.  Sauces - ginger, soy, sweet and sour - not get off: you must be prevailed upon to buy some more tea, green or a flower.  Not be able to stay - very nice packaging.
 Panfilov, 18 / 2, Sokol

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