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Don’t say Akhand Bharat, Say Akhand Pakistan: Congress?

By Premendra Agrawal at August 07, 2013 17:29
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“Is the Congress with India or with Pakistan? They should come clear on it,” Yashwant Sinha told the Lok Sabha.


Hafiz Said is running his terrorist network racket in India with knowledge of Govt: Former Raw Officer

Former RAW officer Singh revealed on July 7 at Indea News channel: Hafiz Saeed is running his terrorist network racket in India with knowledge of Govt. And return of this Hafiz Saeed is the helping hand for sending the black corrupt money of Congress abroad by Hawala.    


I, we ourselves are responsible for the killing of our five soldiers. Not a single leader of our country is responsible for that. Why shouldAntony resign? We ourselves are culprit to keep Congress in power. After allAntony is the first lined confident member of Sonia Gandhi.


The UPA must immediately take the nation into confidence, if its intention is to surrender Kashmir. If that is indeed the case, the people of India have a right to know why, and on whose behalf, such surrender is being envisaged.


Rahul Gandhi present heir of Nehru is learning lessons for this from Owaisi and leaders of Muslim League of Kerala to move on the above said direction. One picture of Congress posters seen in the walls of HYD is the proof that there is a hidden agreement to handover Kashmir to Pakistan and Pakistan has already gifted PoK to China.


The work which is being done time to time by the enemies of India, the same duty is doing by Congress Party. Sonia Gandhi remain in power by hook and crook.


Ashoke Pandit @ashokepandit7h

Its only in India where Indians protect the enemies. Whether they are terrorists,Pakistan,Criminals,Underworld, etc.



When India was united ‘Akhand Bharat’ then neither Muslim nor Hindu word was communal. Every people of India were called ‘Hindu’ out of Hindustan. Neither Hindustan nor Hindu word was communal. Hindu dharm was different to Hindu, Hinduism and Hindutva. This has been even decided after full discussion by the Supreme Court of India.


Even at the time Mughal rule name of Hindustan was not changed. Hindu and Hindustan news papers are known Anti-Hindu. But they don’t change their name. So many in the name of ‘Ram’ and are anti-Ram of Ramayan. Did they change their name? Any person may have differences with his mother or father. Does this become the reason for changing the name or identity of parents?


Jinnah and Nehru made Muslim and Hindu words communal. Both spread the poison of secular word between both communities. Foreign funded Christian Missionaries and their media hided behind them in this move.


Blind race towards blind secularism


After Jinnah controversy Sudheerndra Kulkarni one time media chief of AdvaniJi and script writer of Jinnah episode for him, now on April 21, 2013 tweeted: AllamaIqbal's 75th death anniversary today: In 1904, he wrote "मज़हबनहींसिखाताआपसमेबैररखना/ हिन्दीहैहमवतनहैहिन्दोस्तानहमारा"

He wants to say that we should celebrate the birth anniversary of Iqbal to be secular. When I tweeted to oppose this then he tweeted: We have to see the other side of Mohammed Iqbal what did Iqbal sing there after migrated to Pakistan:

"Muslim hain ham watan hai saara jahan hamara, Chin-o Arab hamara, Hindustan hamara:


Sudheendra Kulkarni@SudheenKulkarni

True, #Iqbal later became a votary of #Pakistan. But should we - and do we - Indians stop signing "Saare Jahan se achcha" for that reason?


Now these so called vatican burqa seculars make Hindu word communal. Did you not see the anger among them when Narendra Modi called himself Hindu and Hindu Nationalist?


Nehru and Jinnah both became secular after accepting the division of United India.

As AdvaniJi and JashwantJi our great leaders say Jinnah was secular. Like that Nehru became secular in India to say that he born in Hindu family accidentally. Jinnah made one Pakistan but Nehru sowed the seeds of many Pakistan even after the division of United India.  




Now in the leadership of Christian Sonia Congress is knowingly or unknowingly becomes the helping hand for the creation of Akhand Pakistan. This is the “Aman ki Shanti’ for them.


Government of India is planning to reduce Army presence along  sensitive routes in the Kashmir Valley, particularly the highly-permeable Rajouri-Poonch sector where annually there are nearly hundred infiltration bids as we seen on Aug 06 killing of our brave 5 soldiers. They question the rationale for reducing Army presence in a sector with maximum infiltration bids.


Sandhya Jain in his one article wrote that a national daily has reported that far from taking steps to scrap the deleterious Article 370 which has encouraged separatism, the Centre is planning to give Jammu & Kashmir even more powers, most notably, taking the State out of the purview of Article 356 which gives New Delhi the power to dismiss the State Government.


Such a suicidal step will effectively ‘liberate’ the State from Indian control. Should the Jammu & Kashmir Assembly vote for independence or joining Pakistan outright, New Delhi will be powerless to do anything. If the Army is withdrawn, secession would be even easier.


Now due to Omar Abdullah even our body security force has become the target of police of Omar Abdullah. Had not you seen the tears in the eyes of Omar, Farook, Gulam Ali and others after the hanging of Afzal Guru? The same tear were in the eyes of Sonia Gandhi to see the picture of encountering at Batla House. The same tears can be seen time to time in the eyes of these Vatican burqa seculars for the Ishrat and other terrorist.


This is going on since 1950's from the Nehru time. We can know this truth to  read the book 'In the Frozen Turbulence of Kashmir' by Jagmohan (Former governer of J & K).


Now there is no use of shouting against section 370. Almost all kasmiri pundits got migrated somewhere elae & few are living like beggars in refugee camps in their own land


It is rightly said that BJP has to be at the centre of this new nationalist movement to integrate the all parts of the country all walks of life of India without differentiation and any type of appeasement as Modi and other CMs of BJP ruled states did. BJP has to work towards strengthen this movement by, for example, holding marches, rallies and public discussion about eliminating cast differences and uniting Hindus from all corners into one thread.


The work has to be relentless and not have selfish motives of power but rather of service to this great nation.


YahwantJi, SoniaJi knows, Congress is nothing, UPA is nothing, and NDA is nothing. Now there are Nehru Gandhi dynasty and BJP. Sonia Gandhi rules behind the door. Few shatrus of BJP want to hide behind the tallest leader of BJP to see some hope in future after five years. This ‘Panch varshiy yojna’ should be stopped. People are not happy to see this. Pt Nehru and his heirs remain always in power to divide people of India. Now Congress takes breath to see the disunity in BJP. People want to see united BJP united force of nationalists. How should it shape, question arises. We should think on it, we should act on it, nothing important more to this.


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Silent Assassins  Jan 11, 1966 (Free version) by Premendra Agrawal

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News Analysis India | China in Moscow

China in Moscow

By Premendra Agrawal at September 20, 2009 01:30
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As we know, the Chinese are taking many, but not quality. But at the same time we learned, where there are Chinese noodles, drinking fresh Te Guan Yin, engage in Feng Shui and buy a brush for calligraphy.
First, what do the Chinese, being outside the country - open a restaurant.  With this little gastronomic victory begins any Chinatown, Chinatown with its own infrastructure.  In St. Petersburg, the twin city of Shanghai, operate 160 schools of Chinese cuisine, 90% of them owned by ethnic Chinese.  On the shore of the Gulf of Finland based official Chinatown "Baltic Pearl". In Moscow widespread kiosks with a Chinese fast food, and the north-east lay the first stone of the business center "Park Huamin.

 In the world of nearly two billion Chinese,  in Moscow, according to statistics of China's embassy – are not more than thirty thousand-  The same number of undocumented guest workers,  for a full-fledged Chinatown is not enough.  Minister of the Embassy of China in Russia Le Yucheng believes that the scale of illegal migration, even within Russia has been greatly exaggerated.  Now on the territory of our country from 200 to 300 thousand Chinese people, most of them live in the Far East.

 ‘Chinese people uncomfortable’,  is stated in the House of Nationalities during a roundtable on the prospects of development of the Chinese diasporas.  Reason formulated researcher Sciences George Dudnikov: "The Chinese in Russia is seen as the shuttle."
In Moscow, freely sold the magazine "China"  In the Tretyakov Gallery - Exhibition of white gold (Chinese porcelain), in the chambers of the Kremlin - exhibition devoted to silk.  Clubbers promised to "Night of the Chinese disco!  But Sinologist interested in culture, regardless of fashion, knows: China in Moscow presented a handful of poorly-dispersed institutions in different parts of the city.  Many of them, such as tea, the most widespread, living their own lives without the Chinese, here effort to select the salient points that will inevitably become part of Moscow's Chinatown, as soon as it we will.
 However, this year, the Celestial Empire in fashion,  not far off the Beijing Olympics-2008, after which talk about the poor quality fakes and SARS would be bad form.  It's time to be interested in Chinese contemporary art, cinema, circus, music ...

 With the advent of the Year of China in Russia to make it easy. 

 Chinese Products
 Perhaps now we'll reveal the secret and betray disclose the place where restaurateurs and chefs' Beijing duck "and" Chinatown "buy sauces.  At the right end of the house number 18 on the street Panfilov (restaurant "Chinatown" here, on the fifth floor) these catacombs full of Chinese.  Security at the entrance takes passport issued by a numbered tag and runs into an underground labyrinth.  And there - a Chinese woman in pajamas, not speaking in Russian, socks on the washing line, the unbearable stench of fish and, finally, the precious store.  Sauces - ginger, soy, sweet and sour - not get off: you must be prevailed upon to buy some more tea, green or a flower.  Not be able to stay - very nice packaging.
 Panfilov, 18 / 2, Sokol


Silent Assassins  Jan 11, 1966 (Free version) by Premendra Agrawal

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