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Taslima tweeted: "Dear India, if I'm….” Didi no ,Namta for Didi: Bhai for Did on Rakshabandhan

Taslima tweeted: "Dear India, if I'm….” Didi no ,Namta for Didi: Bhai for Did on Rakshabandhan


Who is patriot? Who loves Bhartmata? Who wants referendum in Kashmir?


She has tweeted about her worries and said she had a sumptuous meal of Hyderabadi Biryani at a restaurant in New York immediately after her biopsy. "Dear India, if I'm diagnosed with cancer tomorrow and if I die, please take care of my cat Minu. She is the best cat in the world," she tweeted.

Tongue lashing of Vaidik with Saeed on Kashmir as Prashant vs Tonguing of Kareena & Shahid in love

She arrived in New York a week ago to avoid the harsh Indian summer at this time of the year and enjoy the weather in New York. But in her tweet she said: "Oh no man, I haven't come to the USA to enjoy weather, I have come to give lecture on 'women in secularism'."


Controversial writer Taslima Nasreen on Saturday met Home Minister Rajnath Singh and later she said he has assured her of one-year visa.


Following her outburst on a social networking site, support for her has been pouring from various quarters with Press Council of India Chairperson and former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju demanding permanent visa for the 52-year-old who has been living in exile since 1994.


After her meeting with Rajnath Singh, she tweeted "Gave him my book 'Wo Andhere Din' (Those Dark Days). He said,'Aapka Andhere Din Khatam Ho Jayega' (Your dark days will end)".


"I am surely surprised that people in Kolkata known for their righteous stand have chosen to remain silent. But at the same time I must admit I have gotten used to this. There were not many voices to come out when I was thrown of my home - Kolkata," she told IANS.


After her novel 'Lajja' (Shame) hit the stands, she incurred the ire of the fundamentalists and had to leave Bangladesh in 1998. She has lived in India and several western countries since then.



Infiltration is aggression on India: Supreme Court

Why has Mamta Didi mamta for Bangladeshi infiltrators, not for Bengali Taslima Nasreen?

Why are Omar Abdullah and Ghulam Nabi Azad silent, vocal for Afjal Guru and Ishrat Jahan?

Ishrat Jahan Bihar ki Beti then what is Taslima?


SC restrains UP police from acting against Taslima - Muslim





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SC Judge? Introducing Gita means democracy, not introducing is dictatorship

Swamy Parthasarathy            Honorable Justice Dave

SC Judge? Introducing Gita means democracy, not introducing is dictatorship


Supreme Court judge Justice AR Dave on Saturday Aug 2 said that Indians should revert to their ancient traditions, and texts such as Mahabharata and Bhagwad Gita should be introduced to children at an early age. 

"Our old tradition such as 'Guru Shishya parampara' is lost, if it had been there, we would not have had all these problems (violence and terrorism) in our country," Justice Dave said, speaking at an international conference on 'contemporary issues and challenges of human rights in the era of globalisation' here. 


In fact introducing Gita in school books is democracy, not dictatorship.


Forgetting Gita

Forgetting Gita means resulting in the loss of self identity, self respect and hence ethics. Gita unites India


Swamy Parthsarthy: Corporate America for Gita

Corporate America for Gita:  

Swamy Parthasarthy is Guru of American business executives to give message of Gita to put purpose before self. Corporate America is embracing Indian Hindu philosophy in a big way but to go against the teaching of our sanatan ancient books and tradition India becomes a most corrupt nation of the world. The 80 year old Swami Parthasarathy, is one of India’s best-selling authors on Vedanta, an ancient school of Hindu philosophy. 


Marx Capitalism Vs Gita

Top business schools in US have introduced “self-mastery” classes that use Indian methods to help managers boost leadership skills and find inner peace in lives dominated by work. If we could or can follow our Hindustani methods then there would not be need to voice "Duniya ke Mazdooro ek ho" or "Gandhigiri".The Western capitalists should learn a lesson from their so-called third World counterparts. Capitalists forget that they have a social responsibility, too.  How can we make happy to our nation by increasing few millionaires to make millions poor? Term human in business often gets neglected when terms like “stakeholders” are bandied around. Well being of the environment, society, employees, in addition to shareholders, is equally important for a well-balanced 21st Century business.



Terrorism vs Gita

"Now we see terrorism in countries. Most of the countries are democratic....If everybody in a democratic country is good then they would naturally elect somebody who is very good. And that person will never think of damaging anybody else," Justice AR Dave said.

We proud of our Indian heritage, it started with Yoga again for the past two decades. Old is gold. Indian philosophy, Hindu religious books have lots to offer to avoid all the disasters we are seeing in the 21st Century. Just think about: Just 60 years ago we Indians were called all kinds of names, including terrorists by the Brits when we were fighting for our independence. In Congress rule, same is repeated to mention in HRD's NCERT and IGNOU books Tilak, Subhas and Sawarkar as terrorists. Teressa, Glady Staines and MF Hussain got highest award of India instead of those who have devoted their lives for the sake of Indianness Hindutva and Hinduism.




Give & take

God is created human being for giving and it is in giving that we find fulfillment. On the other hand, everything in the world teaches us to take. America enjoys most of the wealth of the world, so it is disturbed more than others. Leaders of India elected by people for the people but they do all things to fulfil their self instead of doing for the benefit of the people.


Would present NDA leaders execute the Gita instead of showing Gita book?


Is Saffron a poison?

The ancient Hindu culture is evergreen. All the thoughts can be applied in any time. That is why it is also called Sanatana Dharma. Shri Shri Ravishankar, Ramdeo baba and now Vedantic Swamy Parthasarthy are flagging the saffron ancient glory of India in the land of US and Europe. 


Dealing with nasty

In one incident, a young investment banker seeks advice on dealing with nasty colleagues. Banish them from your mind, Swamy Parthsarathy is told. “You are the architect of your misfortune. You are the architect of your fortune.” But I am not a saint. So I want to throw nasty politicians out of Government.


Concentration, consistency, and cooperation

Swamyjee speaks about secrets to business success ' “concentration, consistency, and cooperation.” “You can’t succeed in business unless you develop the intellect, which controls the mind and body,” the swami said in his mellow baritone. He advises fund managers and venture capitalists about balancing the compulsion to amass wealth with the desire for inner happiness. 

Indians head in Business-Schools abroad

'Business Week' Magazine after publishing the article titled 'karma Capitalism' on Swamy Parthsarathy attributes the sudden interest in Indian philosophy to the sizeable presence of Indian teachers in American B-Schools. About 10% of teachers at places such as Harvard Business School, Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business, and the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business are of Indian descent — a far higher percentage than other ethnic groups.


Indians also head some half dozen business schools in the US, including Kellogg. More important, says 'Business Week', Indian-born strategists also are helping transform corporations. Academics and consultants such as C. K. Prahlad, Ram Charan, and Vijay Govindrajan are among the world’s hottest business gurus, advising some of the top US companies.


Inclusive Capitalism

Indian theorists guide that executives should be motivated by a broader purpose than money. “The best way to describe it is inclusive capitalism,” C.K.Prahlad, who ranked third in a recent Times of London poll about the world’s most influential business thinkers, told the magazine. “It’s the idea that corporations can simultaneously create value and social justice.” 

“The key point,” adds Ram Charan, a coach to CEOs such as General Electric Co.’s (GE) Jeffrey R. Immelt, “is to put purpose before self. 


Business Week says Indian business teachers such as Michigan's Prahlad, Harvard's Rakesh Khurana, Tuck's Govindrajan, and Kellogg's Jain, are linking some of their theories or deriving them Hindu philosophy.


The World in A Box of Gita

There is a Geospatial Information Technology Association GITA ( ) in America. It is named to show the love to 'Gita' of Mahabharat. The Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) is a nonprofit educational association serving the global geospatial community. Our site has been created with the intent of providing you a variety of information and useful references for your professional and technical needs.

The World in A Box, video from the GITA Bookstore Catalog, published by GITA, is a one hour public television special that takes the viewer around the world to different state-of-the-art GIS installations and introduces the people who use them.


Emerson and Henry David Thorou also got influence from Gita and Oppenheimer quoted Gita after the first test of the nuclear bomb.


Commenting on the article one said: "Yes, I agree the Gita is a beauty to behold. The truth is greater than me. I guess we have to study ancient texts to get it right. I am not Indian but African. "


Wars in business

This is refreshing. Let there be no doubt that Indian companies need to learn a lot from this as well. They have rarely cared about quality until recently. Customer service was never heard of. The Gita is a great text and its teachings are very relevant to business today. 


Lord Krishna taught Arjun how to manage his emotions in the Warfield and the world got “the Gita.” We have to manage our emotions in the every field of our life. Gita was not said in a classroom or temple but on a battleground and today people are fighting wars in business as well



The message of Vedanta is that there is oneness — business-wise this translates into cooperation rather than competition is the way to go. All individuals of an individual business house have to follow oneness of team loyalty to be success and to make success their business house. Without the team spirit even Rahul Dravid, captain of Indian Cricket team would not get word cup.


Hinduism a way of life

Hinduism is a “way of life as directed by Supreme Court in a decision. Hence, as a theologically diverse and practically applicable body of insights, the applicability to modern management needs is not a stretch by any means. After all, Hinduism has nurtured a spirit of informed debate and deliberation through its many schools of thought over centuries.


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News Analysis India | Who wants repetition of 1962?

News Analysis India

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Who wants repetition of 1962?



Comrade V K Krishna Menon was saying “Oh! They are not going to fight”. In 1962 Chinese had intruded into Indian Territory south of MacMahon line. Nehru, hided comrade believed. Now who are in the role of Krishna Menon and Nehru?

Bharat Verma, editor of India’s leading defense journal, predicted last month, the Indians can expect tougher Chinese actions in the years ahead. This month, Zhan Lue, a Chinese analyst connected to China’s Ministry of National Defense, suggested that Beijing try to divide India into as many as 30 states. The article, unfortunately, appears to represent the thinking of Chinese strategists and has been widely circulated inside China.

India, generally acknowledged as the weaker in comparison to China, has tried to maintain cordial ties, often following former Prime Minister Nehru’s “Hindi-Chini bhai-bhai” slogan, promoting the notion that the two Asian nations are brothers.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh completed his first official visit to China in January 2008. After the visit, Singh wrote in the guestbook: "…. I hope that the Olympic spirit and the warmth of the great city of Beijing will promote friendship, peace and understanding among all the participants and the countries they represent."

PM Manmohan Singh forets China’s protest on his visit to Arunanchal. China protests PM’s assertion on Arunachal. Gandhi monkeys represent: "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" and is a common phrase, usually used to describe someone who doesn't want to be involved in a situation.

So Congress want to follow three monkeys’s of Mahatma Gandhi on the China’s claim on Arunanchal

Sonia Gandhi with her entire family including Rahul, Priyanka, her husband Robert Vadra went to China in their three days tour in August 2008. That was Sonia’s second trip of the year. Gandhi had said in China in her visit that India had too much learnt from China.

They all embraced there to Chinese leaders to follow Nehru’s embracing with Chau en Lai to give slogan “Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai”. T N Kaul presented the draft and Nehru accepted ‘Panchsheel Principles’. What happened there after in 1962?

Just after few days in the same year 2008 in the same month August Maoist former P M of Nepal Prachanda made a tour to China for taking guide line against India.

Even after that Chinese officials see their nation on the rise and feel no need to compromise with India. The number of incursions by China’s troops into Indian-controlled territory appears to be increasing day by day. China is grabbing inch to inch on daily basis. 

The entire Indian leadership kept mum even when China annexed Tibet saying it was the internal matter of China. Worse was to follow. China was involved in modernizing its Red army.

Hindi chini bhai bhai’ slogan was given. Due to this agreement our Prime Minister Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru became Dhritrasthtra. Chinese soldiers entered the laddakh and our soldiers were defending with cotton shirts in the freezing cold of Ladakh and canvas shoes that slid on the snow. Our soldiers did not have even snow glasses which led to snow blindness.

Still comrade V K Krishna Menon was saying “Oh! They are not going to fight”. In 1962 Chinese has intruded into Indian Territory south of MacMahon line.

The misadventure proved costly and set off the spark that led to the full fledged war in 1962. Entire brigades were massacred in a matter of hours.

In the middle of the 1970s, China began helping Pakistan build a nuclear weapon to keep arch-rival India off balance. Since then, the Chinese have supported Islamabad’s campaign of terror against the Indian state.

The terrorists attacking Mumbai hotels last November used Chinese equipment–the distinctively blue Type 86 grenades, manufactured by China’s state-owned Norinco, which has continually supplied parties working with militants inside India. China has given Pakistan most of the ordinance that its notorious Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence–better known as ISI–gives to terrorist groups. Almost all of the sophisticated communications equipment used by terrorists in India, especially Kashmir, is Chinese-made and was routed through the Pakistani army. The training the Chinese give to Pakistani personnel is, with Beijing’s knowledge, leached to terrorists.

Today on August 16, 2009, Home Minister Chidambaram says Maoists-Naxalites have Chinese weapons. There is a nexus between them. In Chhattisgarh in the past Chinese weapons recovered from the Naxalites.

Question arises here what our Government is doing?

China? Mao used image of palm- Tibet and five fingers Bhutan Sikkim NEFA Ladakh Nepal. Suicidal genetic thrust of Indian ruling leaders for friendship.


Arunanchal: Hu Jintao visited to remind 1962?

Maoists have spread their dinasour feet from Assam to Chhattisgrh via Mynamyr.

On Feb 5, Chief Minister of Assam Gagoi admitted the presence of Assam, "We have information that militant groups like All Adivasi National Liberation Army (ANLA) has established links with Maoists which a matter of serious concern," PM Manmohan Singh is the Rajya Sabha member from Assam.

‘Daily Times’ Pakistan reports that Moaist-Naxal has spread their net work from

Chhattisgarh to Mynar.



Is this a friendly fight between China and UPA government?

Left is adopted son of China. Nuke Deal nukes honeymoon of Congress and Left

Everyone knows about the honemoon of Congress with Left.

U S and China both want to divide India.

Myanmar Mirror shows dubious faces of China and US


By Premendra Agrawal


Please wait, the book is in the press,

Contains more than 300 pages size 1/8 demy, 

Titled ‘killer and contract killers

of Lal Bahadur Shastri’

Written by Premendra 

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