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Modi looks solutions of problems: Opponents busy for a solution to stop Modi: Makhana with Lotus in Muzaffarpur

By Premendra Agrawal at March 03, 2014 14:24
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Modi looks solutions of problems: Opponents busy for a solution to stop Modi: Makhana with Lotus in Muzaffarpur

In Muzaffarpur rally Security eyes sitting on the trees: Modi on IM target


Narendra Modi, Ramvilas Paswan, Chirag Paswan, Sushil Modi, Mangla Pandey hold hands to greet thousands of supporters at the rally. Shahnawaz Hussain, Ravi Shakar Prasad and Rajiv Pratap Rudy also on the dias.


A huge garland made of Bihar’s famous makhana is hung around Modi, Paswan, his son, Sushil Modi and others to felicitate them. Importance of the Makhana is also in Modi’s speech.


Sharing stage with Paswan, Modi attacks Nitish Kumar

Narendra Modi lauds Ram Vilas Paswan, slams 'hypocrite' Nitish Kumar

Modi criticizes efforts by Left, regional political parties to form alternative front

Hunkar rally: I want to see Narendra Modi as the future PM, says Paswan


Five focal points in Modi’s speech now:

1. Complete focus on non-governance of CMs

2. A heavy emphasis on local feelings

3. Secularism versus growth debate

4. Atal's successor

5. BJP PM Candidate a tea seller with OBC image


Last time when I had visited Bihar, bombs were planted under a political rivalry conspiracy that killed innocent people. The kind of brotherhood that Bihar has displayed despite an attack of that scale is just remarkable. The nation can’t progress in absence peace of brotherhood.


One may not like Modi and BJP but you can’t do anything like this type of political rivalry. Why were innocent people killed? Those who were killed were from Bihar only. Those drowned in vote bank politics won't get it. Such thoughts and such leaders...we need freedom from them and that is when India will progress. We should get rid of Such leaders as soon as possible.


I thank people of Bihar for their contribution to the Sardar Patel’s ‘statue of unity’. We got freedom due to brave sons like Khudiram Bose who sacrificed himself for the nation.


I wish speedy recovery for George Fernandes who made Bihar his karmabhoomi. Today’s ‘Hoonkar rally’ is not to belittle anybody. It’s manifestations of our aspirations, for victory of good over bad.


I am busy in finding solution for problems of the nation but they are busy finding a solution for Modi. Today they are shocked a person belonging to backward caste has been made a prime ministerial candidate. I want to tell you that the coming decade belongs to Dalits, backward and deprived sections of the society.


Today NDA is expanding. I want to thank Ram Vilas Paswan for joining NDA. I also thank Upendra Kushwaha and Chirag Paswan. This alliance will keep on expanding. There is no place for hypocrisy in democracy.


I want to tell you that even after Ram Vilas Paswan left NDA, he always met warmly was not afraid of getting the photograph published in the newspaper. I have seen people who were happy meeting inside a room but used to sweat if I shook hands with them publically, an apparent dig at Kumar.


Sugar industry was prospering in Bihar but why are sugar factories  closed  now? Can’t  we change this? In Bihar, only 23 percent of households have toilets. In rest of houses, our mothers and sisters have to go for toilet in open. Is it not painful?


Do you get electricity in Bihar? In Bihar, getting power supply  is news, not getting power supply is not news. Do you think this government can give you employment? In 2012, 8,50,000 people got their name registered in employment exchange. How many of them got employment?


Leechi and Makhana are very famous from here. If there is no Lotus where will Makhana come from?


If Atal ji had formed the Government in 2004, work on Eastern corridor would have gone on at quick pace. Terrorism is a threat to humanity. Sadly, Bihar has become a haven for terrorists due to Government's vote bank politics. We have to fight terror in one voice, rising above politics. That is when common people will feel secure.


We need to take river grid project ahead but Vajpayee's dream was not fulfilled by the UPA


There was a time when we used to blame foreign elements and ISI for everything. Nowadays, these people quote secularism for all ills. If you talk about employment, they will say secularism is in danger, if you talk about price rise, they say secularism is in danger. This is a betrayal.  For them, secularism means vote bank politics, but for us, secularism means development of the country. For them secularism is religion first but for us it is India first.


Today the nation’s politics can be seen in two groups: Modi and Anti-Modi. One group is represented by Modi while the other group is represented by those who oppose Modi. We want an India where every family has a home, a home with water and sanitation facilities, where there is power connection. Modi says stop rising prices they say stop Modi, Modi says stop corruption they says stop Modi.


Their politics is built on 1 dream, 1 agenda- stop Modi. I say Vikas Karna Hai, they say Modi ka VInash Karna Hai. Nirnay Desh ko karma hai.



LJP chief Ramvilas Paswan gave his speech before Modi:


Since 2002 there is no violence in Gujarat and here in Bihar there is no month where violence does not happen. Finally, I want to congratulate Modi ji for coming to Bihar and wish him all the best for his endeavor.


Modi who was born in a backward caste is today marching ahead. Its really heartening. Break all barriers of caste, creed and religion. My era is phasing out. Era of Chrag is now making entry. Both Nitish and Lalu used to praise me earlier but now that I have joined national alliance, they are abusing me. They wanted me to be subservient to them for ever.These people gave me certificates, said you should become CM.Today I have become bad. The way BJP follows alliance Dharma, UPA has not done the same.


Paswan- Nitish Kumar has ruled on the strength of BJP. This CM talks about development. Strength was of BJP and that is why he became leader.  .................contd


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In Muzaffarpur rally Security eyes sitting on the trees: Modi on IM target

By Premendra Agrawal at March 03, 2014 09:39
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12:28 pm: Narendra Modi reaches Patna, leaving for Muzaffarpur.


BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi will address a "Hunkaar Rally" here in Muzaffarpur  today March 03 amidst tight security. A man was detained by local police yesterday while taking videos of the rally venue with a camera. 


In view of terror threat, the National Investigation Agency on Sunday released photos of 11 absconding terrorists, with an IB alert saying that terrorists may target heavily populated sections of the city during the rally. 

The NIA has even made its e-mail ID, and cellphone number helpline public to seek info about terrorists.

Terrorists on the NIA radar include Mohammed Tehseen of Samastipur, Pakistani terrorist Waqas, Mohamed Reyaz and Mohd Iqbal of Karnataka, Mohsin of Hyderabad, and Aamir of Gaya. Rs 10 lakh rewards have been announced for info leading to the arrest of these terrorists.

The East Central Railway has also issued an alert asking its officials to keep a watch on suspicious activities.  Security arrangements are in place at the station, in the city and at the rally venue, with the dais ready. 

On Sunday, BJP state chief Mangal Pandey alongwith Bihar in-charge Dharmendra Pradhan visited the rally venue to supervise arrangements. 

Meanwhile, Lok Janshakti Party chief Ramvilas Paswan and his son Chirag Paswan reached Patna to attend the Muzaffarpur rally. 


LJP and RLSP recently became the part of the NDA, LJP chief Ram Vilas Paswan and RLSP chief Upendra kushwaha will be present at the forum.



The rally at Sahara maidan in Patiasa of Muzaffarpur has under tight security. 6-7 thousand policemen were put on duty. Narendra Modi should not be skimped on the safety of the police, few of them even are sitting on the tree to watch. The rally point from the Cobra battalion personnel have been deployed at every kilometer.


Threat by Shaheen Group of SIMI

About the safety of the local police and administration of Gujarat review meeting with the IG. Shaheen Group of Simi rally disguised as women can cause confusion. Anti-Sabotage rally point of view of the instrument - one inch of land were investigated. Modi's rally over a dozen Central Security Agencies in Muzaffarpur inch - inch has taken possession of is handed over to the Gujarat police and NSG security forum.


Modi's rally in Patna on October 27 last year, there were several bomb blasts. This time the police do not take any risks.


9 feet high platform

So far the crowds have been sparse. On the dais is written "Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi".  A large number of chairs have been put on the dais for BJP and LJP leaders to sit. The main stage has a height of 9 feet. It is seven feet long and forty feet wide. Forums symbol of Muzaffarpur litchi, fish and nature of Mithila has been the scene of many famous sights.


Lets show that BJP PM Candidate Narendra Modi’s next rallies are, on March 10 Purnia, Gaya on March 14 and Saharsa on March 24. NaMo will be the first time this year in Bihar. Last year they arrived in Patna. Terrorists bomb blasts in the rally was held. Keeping in mind the safety of once-significant in Modi's rallies are being organized.


However, that being said, the BJP in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar elections expected to get stronger. ABP News and Nielsen's latest survey says that both states put together BJP may get 61 seats.


The Congress may have to settle for 13 seats. AAP can win one seat in Uttar Pradesh. The referendum between four and 15 February was held in all constituencies of the two territories............contd




Silent Assassins  Jan 11, 1966 (Free version) by Premendra Agrawal

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News Analysis India | ISI Jihadi Naxal Nexus

ISI Jihadi Naxal Nexus

By Premendra Agrawal at July 23, 2006 10:35
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Naxalism is Terrorism indeed, don’t allow terror to win. ISI uses naxals. Who demanded separate Muslim State in UP? Who banned ‘Slogan of Bharat Mata’ in Poonch & allow painting of nude Bharat Mata?


Handicapped Tunda is red alerted most wanted terrorist from pakistan.


52-year-old from New Delhi, with a flowing henna-dyed beard Abdul Karim Tunda has been arrested in Mombassa, Kenya — and will now stand trial for his role in so many bombings that had killed hundreds of lives. Born to a lower middle class family in Delhi, Karim is believed to have moved to Pilkhuwa, near the town of Ghaziabad, in his teens. He then shifted base to Mumbai, where he set up a dyeing textiles business.


Pseudo-secularists evoke the sentiments of Muslims to high light the demolition of Babri Structure. They even continue the hate program playing vote bank politics to add unfortunate Gujarat riots in every talk and walk of life to divide Hindu and Muslim. What did Congress, Lefts and Mulayam yadav in the past every one knows? Still Mulayam gives certificate of patriotism to banned SIMI. Now Congress led Govt. is instructing to every province for banning SIMI. But in the past Sonia Gandhi, Ambika Soni, Shri Pakash Jaoswal opposed the NDA Govt. for this.


According to the investigations, Ghauri — who had a Naxal past — was present at a meeting organized in Bhiwandi soon after communal violence had ripped it apart in 1985. Ten years later, Ghauri, a young man from a Hyderabadi Muslim family, and his close associate Karim ‘Tunda’ (handicapped), set up a proper terror network for the Lashkar.


Just after December 6, 1992 Ghauri, Tunda and Ansari established a dangerous terror group to attempt terrorism with the help of ISI, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Pakistani nationals. India's perhaps first Lashkar cell executed 43 small bombings in Mumbai and Hyderabad and seven separate explosions on inter-city trains. Ansari was arrested 13 days before he was to set off a second series of bombings, this time on Republic Day in 1994.


Ghauri, Tunda and Pakistani Lashkar operative were able to draw on cadre from the now-banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and other such organizations with ease.


Abdul Rahman, an activist of the Dulkan organisation of ethnic Uighurs in China's Xinjiang region who was arrested by the Kolkata Police in January 2000, was sheltered in the city by two SIMI members, Aziz-ul-Haq and Nazrul Islam. He escaped from prison and fled and was recruited by the LeT, and brought to Calcutta en route to Dhaka for an explosives course under Tunda.


In what is being described by intelligence agencies as disturbing, the Pakistan-backed Lashkar-e-Tayyabba (LeT) has established a close rapport with the Naxalites operating in the backward Hyderabad-Karnataka region of the State.


Key accused Aamir was allegedly an activist of now-banned SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) in 2001. He even headed a ‘Ikhwan conference’ on November 5, 6, and 7, 1999, where he disseminated hate propaganda and gave a speech on Islamic nationhood, titled “Islam is our country and not India.”

According to Aurangabad police officials, over 5,000 Muslim students from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan, gathered at Maulana Azad High School
during these three days.

Even recorded speeches of higher-ups in the Palestine
terrorist organization Hamas were played to mislead students to take up violence.”

Notorious Lashkar-e-Toiba’s commander Azam Ghauri, who was shot dead in an encounter in 2000 by the Karimnagar police, was also present in that conference.


Tunda has two wives and two sons. The younger one, Shahid, helps him in the perfume business, while the elder son is a LeT activist.

He was also instrumental in brainwashing Jalees Ansari, a doctor with the Birhan Mumbai Municipal Corporation, who triggered over 40 blasts in Mumbai and Hyderabad during 1992 and 1993. When Jalees was arrested in January 1994, Tunda fled to Bangladesh and set up his hideout at Jatra Bari in Dhaka.


In comparison to the indiscriminate violence perpetrated by Islamic terrorists, the Maoist menace (also infamous as Left-wing Extremist or Naxals) has been plaguing India for quite some time, posing as the other biggest internal security challenge. Shivraj Patil said that Terrorists are our brothers. Lok Sabha Speaker said that naxalites are not criminals. Congress and Communists both want votes so they support infiltrations. On the instruction of Sonia Gandhi Congress supported naxalites in Andhra with the help of YRS and captured the power there.


Congress took support of Muslim League in Keral and Insurgent separatist groups of S.E. Provinces. The same policy was adopted by Left parties. Congress and left both promised to release terrorist Madani from Coimbatore prison. Govt. instructed states themselves to fight naxals separately. It don’t want to make policy for joint efforts of the states which are in the grip of Naxalites because these states Chhattisgarh, Orissa, jharkhand and karnatak are BJP ruled.


However, the question remains, why the tribal who are part of the government sponsored anti-Naxal campaign started by Congress opposition leader Mahendra karma (Salwa Judum) were left unarmed against their powerful attackers in that fateful night? How they can defend themselves with bow-arrows and Lathis when the naxalites have Pakistani rifles and Chinese grenades. These facts have been already given to Centre Govt. and the same confirmed by I.B. chief Narsimhan. Why Lonely MP of Chhattishgarh Ajit Jogi, left parties and UPA govt. interested to impose President Rule in the Chattisgarh to oppose historical ‘Salva Judum’?


NDA Govt. established village defense committees in J & K and provided them arms. Many soldiers left army service to defend their villages from terrorists. But UPA Govt. is doing nothing to encourage them. On July 4, 06 Two Muslim youth had held for supplying 14 pistols to Naxalites.


This is the old history of Congress to encourage terrorists, insurgents, separatists and violent armed groups and individuals for taking help in the election and later went against them. Because of this country pained to see the assassination of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Indira Gandhi in the starting encouraged Bhinderwala and later ordered army to enter Golden Temple. Rajiv Gandhi in the starting supported LITTE and latter foolishly Indian troops were sent to Sri Lanka in 1987.


We cannot pursue our electoral calculations at the expense of the abiding national interests. Since the Congress and the Left have competed with each other for a few parliamentary seats in the border districts, they have abetted unhealthy forces and trends. Now both owe it to themselves and to the country to move away from potential security hazards.


Each one of demand-makers such as pseudo-secularists, supporters of domestic or foreign jihadis, makes his or her own calculation about the Center’s capacity or incapacity to deal effectively and efficaciously with difficult customers. Those who assess the Centre to be weak or incapacitated move in with artillery. So we have last chance to take tough decisions. Owing to perceived threats from Jihadis and Naxalites, Mr Bush’s security has decided to take him to the various destinations in the city by air. Five year planning of Naxal-jehadi combination is to grip more than half of the country in their influence. What is the policy of Indian Govt.?


After the defeat in Bangladesh liberation War Pakistan made policy to fight in the land of India. Now Pakistan adopted brain washing process through terrorists supporters, Naxalites and votes greedy politicians in India in the name of to save Islam, demolition of Babri structure and Gujrat. It wants to create Civil War like situation in India.


Who will punish terrorists, Islamic fundamentalists & naxalites? Please don’t allow Arjun Singh Mulayam Singh pseudo-secularists, followers of jinnah to divide people in the name of religion and caste. The persons who don’t want to adopt berth control then take responsibility to fulfill the wishes of their children. Nation should not suffer for this nonsense. The demand of separate Muslim Province in UP should be thrown in the sea. To see our tolerance Anti-Indians dares to paint nude Bharat Mata and to ban in Poonch Dist of Jammu to raise slogan of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jay’ in the way of ’Budha Amarnath’ to please terrorists. Please don’t encourage Anti-Indian traitors. We are such Indians who drove British. feel coward ness or helplessness.


By Premendra Agrawal


Silent Assassins  Jan 11, 1966 (Free version) by Premendra Agrawal

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