In the year 2020, Pakistan tried several routes of infiltration apart from sending terrorists through the borders in Jammu and Kashmir or Punjab. According to the Border Security Force (BSF), efforts were made by Pakistan to infiltrate the terrorists from the borders of Gujarat and Rajasthan into the Indian border.

The data compiled by the BSF also states that the number of intrusions has increased. Last year, there were no incidents of infiltration attempts from the Gujarat and Rajasthan borders recorded by the BSF until the first week of November. Interestingly, the Kashmir Frontier of the BSF has recorded only one intrusion compared to the previous year, where November By the first week of the year there were 4 incursions.

This year, the BSF royalty and the Gujarat Frontier have recorded incursions in August and September. Last year, no such incident was reported in the same period, ”said a senior BSF official.