New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has granted clemency to 21 convicts ahead of Christmas Day, saying that the individuals displayed substantial evidence of remorse for the crimes they had committed. The pardoned individuals include two women who were convicted for killing their abusive partners. Most of the people granted clemency by Governor Cuomo were convicted for either the possession or sale of controlled substances. 

Maria Ordonez killed her abusive boyfriend when she was just 20 and has served six years out of a nine-year sentence. Ordonez killed her boyfriend during an incident where he was beating and choking her. Ordonez’s sentence has been lessened in duration by Governor Cuomo. The 64-year-old Theresa Debo, who was convicted of second-degree murder in 2006 for killing in self-defence, has already served 16 years out of a 22-year sentence. Debo had always lived in an abusive environment since her childhood and had no prior criminal history before she killed her boyfriend. Debo’s sentence has been commuted by Cuomo.