The strength of the Indian Air Force is going to increase further next month. Let me tell you that the Indian Air Force, which is struggling with the shortage of fighter aircraft, is going to get three more Rafale in the month of January of the new year. With the arrival of these Rafale fighters, the strength of the army will increase further. With the arrival of the first batch of Rafale, the enemy countries are sweating in the same way, in such a situation, India will have no harm in fighting in the sky. Explain that a person associated with this on the condition of anonymity says that three more Rafaels will join the Indian Air Force squadron in January. This will be the third set of delivery of France-made Rafale fighter jets. Explain that about 36 Rafale fighter jets have been signed between India and France for Rafale for 59000 crore rupees. However, no definite date has been revealed when these fighter aircraft will reach India.

Significantly, the three planes will fly from France to Jamnagar. On the way, fuel will be supplied during the flight itself. In September 2016, the deal for Rafael was confirmed between India and France. With the arrival of three more aircraft in January, India will now have a total of 11 Rafale aircraft. The second consignment of three Rafale aircraft arrived in November. After reaching Jamnagar from France, these three aircraft were deployed to Ambala. Earlier, a set of five Rafale aircraft reached India on 29 July.

Let me tell you that the deployment of Rafale fighter jets that have come to India, India has been deployed in eastern Ladakh in view of tensions with China. These combat aircraft deployed are fully equipped with weapons. The Indian Army is also on full alert to deal with any provocation by China. The Indian Army is fully prepared to respond to every nefarious act done by China. According to the information received, Indian Air Force will get three to four Rafale every two months. All 36 Rafale aircraft are expected to come to India by the end of the year.