French President Emmanuel Macron on December 17 has tested positive for COVID-19, the French presidency said after the 42-year-old took the novel coronavirus test on suffering from the symptoms. As per reports, Macron will now be in isolation for nearly seven days and will continue to work remotely as he is “still in charge” of running the European nation amid the pandemic. Macron’s COVID-19 diagnosis came just after a night curfew was imposed on France to contain the drastic spread of the coronavirus and cases soar. 

As per Johns Hopkins University tally, France has till now confirmed more than 2.4 million  COVID-19 cases with over 59,400 deaths. While Macron will reportedly suspend all his travel plans and forthcoming trips including the scheduled visit to Lebanon, France recorded more than 17,600 coronavirus cases on December 16 which is also country’s biggest spike since November 21. France is one of the most severely affected European nations as at least 289 people died with the highly-infectious disease on Wednesday.