Mayor of Municipal Corporation Raipur, Ejaz Dhebar, counted his achievements on completion of his 1 year as Mayor. In a press conference on Tuesday, he said that we will make the city of Raipur tanker-free during this period. Also, pink toilets will be made for women in major markets and places of the city. He said that we acted as capital and not Raipur as the city. After winning the election, he said that we will change the picture of Raipur. The whole team did a good job on this. The public has stamped whatever work we have done for 1 year. The Mayor said that the old people who opposed the beautification and those who protested can be seen going there and taking selfies today. During the previous government, 30 crore rupees were spent in the beautification of Budhatlaab, which did not yield any results. We showed it by cleaning old age in 25 days. The mayor said that those who wandered for pension, made arrangements for ATMs for the pension of 24970 people. We have now increased the system to an additional 900 employees. The mayor said that we met the 2020 target. Now it’s 2021 target. All electricity connections underground, liberation of residents from water tankers, Sharda Chowk and Tatyapara Chowk will also be widened this year. Along with this, they will give ownership of the shop to the businessmen of the round market. Now the new Gol Bazaar will be seen in the capital, all basic facilities will be made available here. Hind sporting ground will also be ready. Will eliminate traffic problem in Malaviya Road. The Gol Bazaar will have a pathway, drain, light facility. Multilevel parking and new bus stand will be inaugurated after 20 January. The Mayor said that when we went to Delhi after winning the elections, we saw the state of education and health there. 3 English Medium Schools were opened in Raipur. Today 10,000 applications have been received. We also worked towards health. The mayor said that the one-year term passed under the shadow of Corona. In the Corona era, the municipal corporation never withdrew from its responsibilities. In the Corona period, no one slept hungry due to the efforts of the corporation. In the system of home isolation, the delivery of medicines from house to house was done.