Dharamraj Youth Organization planted saplings at Chitalanka Devguri. The Dharamraj Yuva Sangathan planted 200 mangoes and chickpeas in Chitalanka Devguri on Monday, at the same time, the organization also sensitized the people to plant more and more plants. During this period, the organization said that the main purpose of planting trees is to make people environmentally aware. Imagine that if trees had given WiFi signals, we would have planted many trees, perhaps we would have saved the planet. It is very sad that they only produce oxygen. How sad that we have become so accustomed to technology that we ignore the harmful effects on our environment. Not only is the use of technology destroying nature but it is also separating us from it. If we really want to survive and live well then more and more trees should be planted.

Apart from consuming oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide, trees absorb other harmful gases from the environment, making the air pure and fresh. The greener the tree, the more oxygen will be produced and the more toxic gases will be absorbed. The level of pollution is increasing very much these days. The only way to fight it is to plant more and more trees. For example, areas surrounded by trees, villages and forests promote a pure environment. This is because these are areas affected by less pollution. On the other hand urban residential and industrial areas have poor quality air due to poor pollution and low tree count.