Infrastructure is the cornerstone of any modern development. Necessary roads and bridges are required in the necessary arrangements to facilitate the proper growth or development of the economy of the region or region. Important roads have been developed in the district in the last two years by the Public Works Department of Bastar District, Uttar Bastar Division Number-02, Jagdalpur. In which the upgradation work of the road from Bhanpuri to Mundagaon-Narayanpal located on National Highway-30, Chitrakote, including bridge-culvert, 27.80 kilometers, was constructed with an amount of more than Rs 39 crore 99 lakh. With the construction of this route, tourists coming from the capital Raipur can reach Chitrakote directly from Bhanpuri in a short time. Tourists will not have to go to Chitrakote via Jagdalpur city, Lohandiguda. This is saving about 48 km distance.