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Political Criminal Appeasement drama in UP to divide and rule still continue

Political Criminal Appeasement drama in UP to divide and rule still continue


Why CBI closed corruption case against Mulayam Singh Yadav yesterday Sept 20? Why arrest of only BJP MLA though arrest warrants are for 16 leaders including SP, BSP and Congress? After that today there is arrest of another BJP MLA Som executed. All four BJP MLAs were ready to surrender themselves from the beginning but drama is acted of arrest to appease minority. Paid media always highlights names of four BJP MLAs but hides the names of other leaders of BSP and Congress. SP leader who evoked the minority on the gathering of Aug 30 got clean chit from his government! No FIR against Aazam Khan. 

Singhvi, Supreme Court lawyer and spokes person of Congress even said that police of BJP ruled countries were communal and

Why trio PM, Super PM and future super PM Rahul met only Muslims refugees? Why did they not met both communities Muslims and Jats? Why false cases are being made on thousands youth in the name of riots? Why is there no FIR report against Minority Minister Azam Khan? Is minority minister duty is to give order for the release of 7 accused and stop the searching of arms from the houses? Why is punishment given to police officers who said truth in sting of Aajtak?


SP demands President Rule but does not want to withdraw outside support to UPA Govt. On the condition of withdrawing corruption case against Mulayam Singh Yadav SP continuing its outside support to UPA Govt. SP, BSP and Congress all are united against BJP to appease minority. SP, BSP and Congress leaders jointly organized huge rally of minority on Aug 30 and all leaders of three parties evoke minority against majority. Warrants issued Congress and BSP leaders but none of them arrested. Govt of father and son to please the govt of mother and son in the center arrested only BJP MLA.


On 31 there was another rally of jats held in the presence of BJP MLAs and other jat leaders. There they decided to organize dharnas every where for the fulfillment of their demand. When they were returning from five sides roads then suddenly at a time stones were thrown on them. This increased the violence incidents in large scale.


Muzaffar riots is the result of nexus between Congress and Samajwadi Party. Even Congreess also demands besides BSP and BJP for imposing President rule in Uttar Pradesh. But instead of accepting that demand they want to crush BJP and majority community to appease minority. The vote bank politics is being played to divide the both community. Government is not making efforts to call the leaders of both communities for bringing normalcy so that refuges can return their hoves. Center and UP both Government want that refugees remains in camps for a long time, so fear can be increased among them against the majority community.


SP and Congress are united to crush the BJP and defame BJP among the minority. Proof of this is: Mulayam Singh Yadav has been cleared of charges that he misused his office as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh to accumulate vast amounts of wealth. The CBI today said that it has closed the case that began in 2007, ceding that there is "grossly insufficient evidence" against the chief of the Samajwadi Party.

BJP, Samajwadi Party have begun poll preparations: Jairam Ramesh. If this is so that why does Jairam Ramesh’s Congress government not dismiss the SP government of UP and impose president rule there?

BSP is also helping hands in this movement. CBI sword is also hanging on her head. So she is also in waiting list for getting clean chit from CBI as Mulayam has been gotten. This is the reason BSP also not withdrawing its outside support to UPA Govt.


The opposition is right to say that Mr Yadav's exoneration proves that the country's premier investigating agency is used by the CBI to protect friends and persecute opponents.


The Samajwadi Party does not participate in the ruling coalition at the Centre, but its external support props up the Prime Minister's minority government.


"If Congress needs support from any of its allies, then they automatically get a clean chit. If any party denies support, then the CBI guns for them. Be it the Samajwadi Party or BSP (of Mayawati), this game has been going for a long time. As long as the Congress is in the Centre, such things will go on," said BJP spokesperson Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.


After Sachar, now CBI is used to divide Army for election 2014

Secularism lets IM operative Afzal Usmani as arrested accused in Kawal village freed due to Azam?............contd


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Instead of Bihar, Nitish is Bhikhari before the feet of Congress to beg PM post


Double role of Congress and Nitish:Instead of Biharis, Nistish is bhikhari for getting Prime Minister Post before the divide and rule path adopter corrupt feet of Congress! 

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As Bhikhari


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to be Prime Minister


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Double role of Congress and Nitish:

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Swine flu of hereditary democracy

Hereditary democracy/political monopoly/ one family rule in India be checked or not? Is this type of democracy not more panic than Swine flu. 

Monarchy/princely - power in hands of 1 individual, Democracy- power in hands of people: 

Sardar Patel vs Nehru Gandhi dynasty 

What did Sardar Vallabh and what did members of the Nehru Gandhi dynasty and others? Sardar Patel took charge of the task to forge a united India from the 565 semi-autonomous princely states and British-era colonial provinces at the time of Independence, Using frank diplomacy backed with the option (and the use) of military action, Patel's leadership enabled the accession of almost every princely state. Hailed as the Iron Man of India, 

Monopoly of Political parties in the shape of Monarchs 

Unfortunately instead of 565 princely states now we have individual or family ruled political parties. “In 2009 Lok Sabha election total of 369 parties, including seven national parties, had fielded candidates in the elections. However, winners in this year's polls are from 37 different parties, according to the list of winning candidates brought out by the Election Commission,” 

Absolute power corrupts absolutely "

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” This famous dictum of Baron Acton sounds true in Inidan political scene. Indian politicians in their bid to remain in power permanently have converted ‘democracy’ into ‘hereditary democracy/political monopoly/ one family rule in India’. In other words ‘democracy’ has been perverted or degenerated into ‘hereditary democracy/political monopoly/ one family rule in India’ Sonia, Karuna, Mulayan, Maya, Mamta,Jaya, Thackeray, Ajit Singh, Chautala, Badal, Naidu, Patnaik, Shard Pawar, Sheikh abdullah, Laloo, Paswan and few others or in this democratic dictatorial line. 

Teams needed to check one family rule 

The World Health Organization says making a swine flu vaccine appears to be more difficult than experts first thought. The Bihar government has put district hospitals on alert and has also formed health check-up teams to monitor foreigners entering India from neighboring Nepal. Should these type of team should not be formed in whole India to check one family rule in India. Dr Ram Manohar Lohia took steps to unite parties against the Congress monopoly rule in India. Jay Prakash Narayan had united voters against the emergency rule of Indira Gandhi. Opposite to the above now the Indian democracy is gradually degenerating into a hereditary democracy, 
because most of the Indian leaders in party politics who hold power make conscious attempts to transfer power to their wards thereby depriving the legitimate chances of other party men to come to power; In the end the party system in democracy becomes a laughing joke in the world.