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Tainted AICTE chief suspended, not minister



Tainted AITC Chief R.A. Yadav has been suspended on July 29, 09 for alleged corruption charges for which he is facing a CBI probe. Ministers, MPs who are facing the same type of corruption charges and facing CBI investigation can’t be suspended!


Privilege to tainted Minister

There is no need either to go on leave or resign till the investigation into the alleged corruption cases against the tainted ministers is completed. Tainted minister can’t be suspended.


Suicide has become alarmingly in India

CBI raid may be behind Suicide of IAS: Breaking news of Aug I, 09: CBI raid might force Orissa IAS officer Mr. Panda shot dead four of his family members before killing himself in Bargarh district of Orissa.

Suicide has become alarmingly in India in farmers, soldiers, army commanders, stuents and every field except politicians. Have you seen smiling white beard and Super flying eagle around death bodies?


Students can learn from Rahul Gandhi how can be any one M.Phil without doing B.A. He learnt all this from his parents.


We can learn from him how we can obtain Rs crores of orders from the Maharashtra Congress government without the companies’ office and keeping staff.



Can Terrorist or Tainted leader become the Prime Minister?

PM said inclusion of tainted is compulsion in coalition. It means in future Abu Salem and Afzals would be included, if situation arises so.

Should Coalition compulsion be above the Rashtra dharm for Congress and its coalition partners?

In the hearing of the case related to the inclusion of tainted ministers in the cabinet, advocate Anil Kumar Jha asked whether a person accused of waging war against the nation, during the pending of the case before the trial court, could contest election and in the event of becoming an MP be eligible for becoming a Minister in the Union Cabinet.


Could tainted Soren, Lalu, be dropped from the ministry?

JMM Bribery Scam made Soren a killer.

Shibu Soren got life imprisonment. Reason is bribe given by Congress.

Why tainted Shibu Soren could not be expelled from the cabinet of P M Dr. Singh when Soren was in Tihar Jail due to corruption and murder charges?


Tainted Money: Buta Singh’s son Sarabjit Singh

You would hear about serial killers of 3, 6, 36 or 360 but not more than this. But Politicians, industrialists and celebrities built palaces and luxurious farm houses with tainted money. Latest report of July 31, 09: Former Union Minister Buta Singh's son Sarabjit Singh arrested while allegedly accepting Rs one crore from a complainant to settle his case. Buta Singh alleges political conspiracy. Buta Singh was home minister in Narsimha Rao’s government and both got imprisonment of three years for their involvement in JMM Scam. Even after that Buta Singh became governor of Bihar.  


Drinkers want excuse for drinking

AITC Chief R.A. Yadav became tainted due to the corruption charges. The same type of charges leveled on Ex Ministers Lalu Yadav, Natwar Singh and others. Then where is the question of definition of tainted?

Ex Law Minister Mr. Bhardwaj presently governor of Karnataka said that there is no definition and law for tainted and Constitution is also silent on this matter perhaps on something the constitutional fathers had never thought will happen in free democratic India.


Mr.Clean’s stand on tainted ministry

Mr Clean.Manmohan Singh government's stand is that tainted ministers should be "presumed innocent" until conviction in the cases against them.


Supreme Court in making case for clean politics

The SC, found the P M Dr. Singh’s argument morally untenable. "If a trial court finds a prima facie case against a person under Section 376 (rape) or 302 (murder), and frames charges against him, can he be given a sensitive post of a Cabinet minister," the court asked. an apex court bench comprising Chief Justice YK Sabharwal and Justice CK Thakker asked at the time of hearing on March 25, 2006.

"The presumption of innocence is one side of the coin, the other being that the trial court, by framing charges against a person has found a prima facie case against him," the bench said.

The Supreme Court's observations were in response to a PIL, seeking the dismissal of Union ministers Lalu Prasad Yadav, Shibu Soren, Mohd Taslimuddin and MAA Patmi. The petitioner had contended that since these ministers are facing criminal charges, they should not handle sensitive matters.


Why should not be amendment in the constitution for the exclusion of corrupt and criminal charge-sheeted ministers and impartment constitution post holders such as Navin Chawla? Congress has amended Indian Constitution more than 100 times up till now?


Analysis by Premendra Agrawal