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Unsafe Pakistan nukes threat to India

Nov 28, 2011: Former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said, Pakistan's nuclear program was not safe under President Asif Ali Zardari's leadership. Should we forget the nuke attachment of Musharraf in Kargil and so many continuous threats for nuke war by other Pak-rulers?


The Pakistani Army mobilised its nuclear arsenal against India in 1999 — during the Kargil conflict — with the full knowledge of its then prime minister Nawaz Sharif, the Sunday Times reported today, quoting Bruce Riedel, who was a senior adviser to the then US President Bill Clinton on India and Pakistan.


Qureshi’s remarks today come on the heels of warnings by Western experts that Islamabad's nukes could fall into the hands of Taliban terrorists.


After Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in Karachi, the world seems to be concerned over Pakistan's nuclear safety. At first it was a concern for USA but now it has gripped India.

Pakistan's major nuclear plants are located at the terrorism escalated North-West area. US, which lent an aid of a whopping $100 million to raise Pakistan's nuclear security, is puzzled now asking one big question to itself that how it helped Pakistan?

Meanwhile, David Coleman Headly's revelation during Mumbai terror attacks trial in Chicago, makes a more picture about the ISI officials, perhaps the whole spy unit having connections with terror outfits. The initial probe into the Karachi attack has revealed that a few insiders facilitated the militants to carry out the mission. This makes the role of insiders more evident in backing al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in the garrison town Abbottbad.


Osama's killing and Headly's revelations confirm the deep connection of ISI with terror networks and coordinating attacks in India. The increasing cause of worrisome is, what will happen to the world if at one point of time, insiders facilitate terrorists and provide access to nuclear weapons?


Pak-China-North Korea’s open nuke threat to India

Pak exchanged Nuke-tech for N Korean long range missiles: US

 North Korea received designs for uranium enrichment centrifuges from Pakistan's disgraced nuclear scientist A Q Khan in return for its long range missile

A Q Khan, root of Pak- nuke was in Bhopal up to 1952. He became enemy of India to migrate Pak and became Nuke villain.


North Korea received designs for uranium enrichment centrifuges from Pakistan's disgraced nuclear scientist A Q Khan in return for its long range missile



Pakistan not only has more warheads than its long-time adversary (India), but also has more capability to actually use them, says US military and intelligence officials. Indian Defence Minister AK Antony earlier said that militants attack on Pakistan's naval airbase is a matter of India’s concern.

Considering China's liberal help also to Pakistan in developing nuclear power, it is of no doubt that it has better nuclear arsenal than India. Now, this fact has become an annoyance for India. Reports claim that Pakistan is head-on with up to five nuclear warheads compared to India.