Chhattisgarh: 130 COIVD deaths in last 3-odd months, none were inoculated with vaccines

Express News Service

RAIPUR: The Covid-19 vaccines are safe, effective and once again proven to life-saving. Gauge it from the record of Chhattisgarh state where 130 people died owing to coronavirus infections since July 1 and none of them were administered even with a single dose.

The report compiled by the State Death Audit Committee, inquired into the deaths owing to Covid in recent months and found they had not received any vaccine doses.

During the past three-odd months as many as 63560 people got infected with Covid and those who were inoculated with the vaccines have recovered. So far 13569 people have died owing to the Covid-19 in Chhattisgarh during the pandemic. There is now a consistent decline in the Covid fatalities recorded across the state.

“People shouldn’t hesitate to go for the Covid-19 vaccines available. The vaccines can only safeguard us and reduce the risk of infection getting critical among the patients. Simultaneously everyone should continue to follow other protocol measures to fight the pandemic,” said Dr Subhash Mishra spokesperson of the state health department and Director (Epidemic Control).

Health experts with a firm believe asserted that inspite of clinical trial continuing to prevent re-infections with new coronavirus variants, the people who received both the doses of the Covid vaccines presumably stand better protected against some of the worrying coronavirus forms. 

Various districts including the state capital have reported a slow down of the vaccination process despite adequate availability of vaccines in various centres.

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