समाचार- समाज प्रमुखों की बैठक में 5 अक्टूबर को आयोजित रैली, चक्काजाम के बाद कवर्धा शहर के विभिन्न वार्डो में हुए उपद्रव, तोड़फोड़ उग्र प्रर्दशन शहर में शांति तथा सामाजिक सौहार्द्र खराब करने की घटना की सर्व समाज ने की कड़ी निंदा

October 2021. Under the chairmanship of Collector Ramesh Kumar Sharma, a meeting of Sarva Samaj Pramukhs, Kawardha Chamber of Commerce, Traders Association was organized on Thursday. Municipality President Mr. Rishi Sharma, Superintendent of Police Mr. Mohit Garg and Sarva Samaj Pramukhs, business organizations and media representatives attended the meeting. In the meeting organized by an organization on October 5, the whole society has strongly condemned the incident of disturbance in various wards of Kawardha city after the chaos, sabotage, violent demonstration, disturbing peace and social harmony in the city. The rallies organized by an organization by the social leaders and the riots in Kawardha, sabotage and violent demonstrations were strongly condemned by the miscreants from different districts. The Collector and the SP gave detailed information about the entire sequence of events from the dispute between the two parties that took place in Kawardha and the action being taken against the culprits. In the meeting, Collector, Superintendent of Police, Municipality President and Sarva Samaj Pramukhs have appealed to maintain peace and order in the city. To restore peace and tranquility in Kawardha city and gradually bring relaxation in curfew, Sarva Samaj has made its own. step up. Two major decisions have been taken to give the message of peace, harmony, mutual love, brotherhood and social unity in the city. According to the first decision, on Friday 8 October, a peace march will be organized by Sarva Samaj Pramukhs, district administration, business organizations and media representatives. At the same time, according to the second decision, nine separate delegations will be formed for the 27 wards of Kawardha Municipality to convince the two parties involved in this incident and to avoid recurrence of such incident in future. Various society heads, district administration, officers of police administration will be included in this delegation. An initiative will be taken to explain to both the parties by going to the delegation wards and again to make peace arrangements, so that action can be taken to relax Section 144, curfew in Kawardha before the coming Navaratri, Dussehra festival, Urs festival. In this meeting of all heads of society organized to restore peace and order in Kawardha city, President of Brahmin Samaj Shri Chandrika Prasad Choubey said that while strongly condemning the incident in Kawardha, it has been said that people of all religions in Kawardha city have mutual goodwill. resides with. But till date such nuisance and hurting mutual goodwill has not happened, as it is being told that they had come from different districts to carry out this incident. This is despicable. Now all the society will have to work together to establish peace again. Municipal President Shri Rishi Sharma strongly condemned this incident and said that the debate between the two parties was resolved in the meeting of the peace committee organized by the district administration. resolved in the presence of But even after the section 144 imposed in Kawardha, the rally, chakkajam and nuisance done by an organization on October 5 to hurt the social harmony in various wards is part of a well-planned conspiracy. President of Jain Samaj Shri Rajendra Bothra said Strict action has been demanded against all the miscreants involved in this incident. President of Thakur Samaj Shri Naresh Singh Thakur said that in view of the integrity and unity of this incident, the district administration should take fair action. He said that there is mutual brotherhood and social harmony in Kawardha. Our society tried hard to stop this incident and work was done to keep the ward residents safe. Mr. Kanhaiya Agrawal from Agrawal Samaj said that since the beginning of this incident on 5th October, strongly condemning this violent incident. Strict action should be taken against both the parties involved in the attack. President of Muslim society Mr. Salim Gauri said that after this incident, there is pain and anguish in everyone’s mind. Peace is everything in life. We have to be saved from anger and become a lake of peace. So that the extremism prevailing in the society can be pacified. We should follow the path of truth and non-violence. Man is the most beautiful creature, having supernatural powers of intelligence, laughter and speech. We should give the message of unity regarding human religion, mutual brotherhood, social harmony with a solidarity. Mr. Akash Ahuja of Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Dinesh Jain spoke about the availability of everyday useful, common goods for the convenience of the common people in the meeting. There has been a demand for relaxation for the business class. Shri Akbar Qureshi said that outsiders are becoming residents in large numbers in the city. Such people should be identified. He strongly condemned the incident and said that no dispute starts from one side, clapping is played with both hands. We have to find a way to peace by explaining both the sides. So that mutual brotherhood and communal unity can be established again. The meeting was attended by Mr. Sitacharan Gupta, President of Gupta Samaj, Mr. Daljit Pahuja, President of Sikh Samaj, President of Christian Samaj, President of Patel Samaj Mr. Sitaram Patel, President of Tribal Society Mr. Dayaram, Yadav President of the society Shri Rakesh Yadu, President of Devagan Samaj Shri Narendra Devangan, President of Kalar Samaj Shri Rupendra Jaiswal, Shri Praveen Sharma from Kabirpanth, Shri Nutan Pali, President of Pali Samaj besides District Press Club President Shri Prakash Verma, Lalji Chandravanshi , Neelkanth Sahu, Rambhajan Jharia, Santosh Namdev, Deepak Kesari, Surendra Pahuja, Shri Chandrashekhar Sharma, Prithvi Soni, Shri Tukaram Chandravanshi, Shri Rajkumar Tiwari and other society heads also gave their suggestions. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading