सरपंच संघ ने नंद कुमार बघेल से  मुलाकात कर अपनी मांग पत्र  सौपा

Kondagaon / Today in Circuit House Sarpanch was welcomed by union and social organizations and rural Jan Nand Kumar Baghel National Voter Jagriti Manch and Kurmi Samaj National President Sarpanch Sangh and Samaj Pramukh Organization Samaj Phool Mala Sarpanch Sangh informed about the problems of its villagers Panchayati Under the Raj system and even after the implementation of the fifth schedule of Bastar division and Surguja division, many types of problems have to be faced in the panchayats which are as follows * The main demands of the sarpanch union are as follows * The honorarium of the sarpanches is at least Rs 25000 / – Thousand should be given pension to Sarpanches at least 12500 thousand should be given accident insurance of sarpanches 25,00 lakh and on death, one member of the family should be given a job, the honorarium of Panchs should be given at least 5000 thousand, the construction of village panchayats The work should be increased by more than 20,00 lakh per annum and 50 lakh should be given, the vote of the sarpanches should be given 20,00 lakh separately every year for the development work. did l no The Kumar Baghel ji said that Naxal problem in Bastar, due to unemployment, youth wanders to another path, due to which youth get employment, then gradually the Naxal problem will end, such as 5 acres of forest land in each village with herb plantation in which Panchayat Residents should get financial support, tamarind, mango, lemon, munga, jackfruit and herbs, in which financial support will be available from panchayat to city. Sarpanch Union District President Sonu Nai Sanjay VK District Kondagaon Dinesh Markam Secretary Sarpanch Sangh Hira Netam Sarpanch Khargaon Omprakash Markam Divisional Vice President Vijay Sodi Sarpanch Chikhal Putti Kirti Koram Sarpanch Budhakasa Basu Netam Sarpanch Nilji Maheshwari Hidanko Batrali Dr. Ambedkar Santosh Sawarkar Mukesh Markandeya Ranjit Gota Sandeep Wasnik Kar Devanand Chaure Bhawan Lal Markandey Kurmi Samaj District President Kedar Verma Vice President Chaman Lal Verma and all the Panch Gana were present. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading