सरपंच ने “ग्राम-धरोहर सम्मान” से स्मृति चिन्ह देकर सम्मानित किया।

Team Sui Dhaaga tried to bring laughter and happiness on the faces of old people by applying color gulal on the occasion of International Day of Older Persons in Gram Panchayat Chaudang. Celebrated Usrabor by playing Rang Gulal. On the International Day of Older Persons, ‘Older Persons Honor Ceremony-2021’ was organized in Gram Panchayat Chaudang on Friday. The Chief Guest Shri Ramlal Salaam Member, District Panchayat Kondagaon Special Guest Shri Hagroo Ram Netam, Shri Manku Ram Netam Smt. Sukmati Netam garlanded the oil paintings of Mother Saraswati and Gandhi ji. Women were honored by welcoming them with bouquets and garlands along with offering Gamcha, Saree and Shriphal. Secretary of Gram Panchayat Chaudang, Mr. Vishwanath Devangan said that those people are fortunate enough to have their old parents living happily in the house. We should always keep giving respect while respecting such people. International Day of Older Persons is celebrated all over the world on 1 October. Senior citizens and senior relatives are respected on this day. There is also concern for the interests of the seniors. At present, old age societies suffer greatly from failure. We need to sit beside them and share our joys and sorrows. Although seniors are the most experienced, yet no one accepts their opinion and advice. That’s why those old people feel like “we are meaningless”. Because of this our old society looks completely sad. Therefore, this day is organized to show respect to the elderly and senior citizens. All the seniors should be honored by organizing a grand ceremony in the honor of the elderly on the old man’s day, this is our effort of the same link. So that the new generation gets the benefit of the experiences of experienced elders. Shri Ramlal Salaam member Janpad Panchayat Kondagaon with the approval of the chief guest said that I feel very happy to be present in the program, this is the first such unique event in my lifetime. We should learn by sitting near the elders, it will be a matter of pride for us. On this occasion, he also honored by presenting a sari and a gamchha. We are determined to work towards making tomorrow better with Sankalp Shakti. In the program, Ramkumar Netam Upsarpanch narrated the experience and left the people stunned, saying that if we are also on the same stage tomorrow, then how good will it feel if we honor us too, this is the day to take blessings of our seniors. The program was also addressed by the Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat Chaudag Smt. Mangteen Netam, Patel Shri Dokeram Netam and Panch Shri Ganesh Kumar Salaam. Under the ambitious project Nava Ujar of Gram Panchayat Chaudang, all the trainees of pilot project team Sui Dhaaga enthralled the people present by presenting welcome songs, dances in honor of the Panchayat officials and the elderly, the people present were administered the oath of de-addiction. During this program Panch Shree Budhasan Netam, Ms. Pramila Netam, Mrs. Sonibai Korram, all trainees of Team Sui Dhaaga and senior people and rural youth of the village were present. In which the staff of Gram Panchayat Chaudang, the staff of the Panchayat and other senior people. also attended It was a proud occasion when the elders had tears of joy in their eyes and shared the experiences of life with a smile. In the end all were concluded after refreshment. On this occasion, Vishwanath Devangan, Secretary, Gram Panchayat Chaudang conducted the program. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading