टेण्डमूण्डा, सलना स्टापडेम सह पुलिया निर्माण से किसानो को मिली राहत*

Villagers will get triple benefit by getting the facility of irrigation, drainage as well as transportation. * Water resources have a special and important contribution in the development of the state, without water agricultural development and prosperity cannot be imagined. As much as agriculture contributes to the overall economic development, irrigation and water management are equally important in agriculture. Although most of the rivers in the inner areas of Kondagaon district are not perennial. The water level in these rivers starts decreasing after the monsoon season and many river drains dry up completely by January-February. This has been the reason that farmers have to completely depend on underground water sources like tube wells for irrigation in Rabi crops and in summers, the inconvenience of discharge comes separately, which affects the villagers as well as the Dor Dungar. In fact, keeping in view the requirements of irrigation facilities in the district, it is necessary to give priority to small and medium irrigation projects and in the last two years, the water resources department has implemented stop dams, check dams, shootfalls, canal restoration and lining works. In this sequence, construction of co-culvert at Tendmunda Salna stop dam under development block Makdi is important in the sense that apart from its construction, irrigation, nistar and transportation facilities will also be available. Because there was no pool, the villagers were forced to choose winding paths. The construction of this stop dam cum culvert costing about Rs 387.90 lakh was completed in the month of June this year itself. Whose irrigated capacity is being said to be 100 hectares. With this, the nearby villages including village Salna will get the facility of disposal even in the summer season. Apart from this, due to the construction of a culvert, direct road connectivity between village Palli, Shampur, Kerawahi, Tendmunda will connect this road to the development block Farasgaon. According to the local villagers, there has always been a demand for the construction of a stop dam and a culvert because they believed that apart from the cultivation of vegetables, rabi crops like maize, summer paddy can also be taken by the construction of the stop dam and now This year, there is a glow in their faces as their demand is fulfilled. Farmers also believe that in the coming years, due to this stop dam, more and more farmers will definitely get one more crop in the year. It is certain that due to irrigated 100 acres, the ground water level will also increase and similarly, due to the conservation of underground water sources, the residents of this area will not have to face the problems related to drinking water during dry days. By stopping the wasted water flowing in the small river channels during the rainy season, by constructing water structures like stop dams, check dams, we will be able to give a happy future to the coming generations and the basic message of the Narva scheme of the government is that if there is water, there is tomorrow. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading