Tribal woman paraded naked for extramarital affairs with non-tribal in Jharkhand

Express News Service

RANCHI: The Gram Pradhan of Mayurnacha village in Dumka, along with five others, was arrested for parading a tribal woman and her non-tribal lover naked all around in the village for having extramarital affairs. 

According to police, the man allegedly had gone to meet the woman late in the night on Tuesday during which the villagers caught hold of him and paraded naked in the village along with the woman.

Police said that both the man and the woman were daily wage earners and hailed from the same village.

“Police have lodged FIR against 4 named and 50 other unknown persons at Muffassil Police Station in Dumka on the statement recorded by the victim,” said DSP Headquarter Vijay Kumar. 

According to FIR, Gram Pradhan along with other villagers allegedly caught hold of the man when he had gone to meet the woman late in the night on Monday, he added.

“So far six arresting have been done, which also includes the Gram Pradhan as it all started from his house,” said the DSP.

Later, the DSP said, villagers on the behest of Gram Pradhan, paraded both the man and the woman naked in the village for over 1 kilometer. The police, after getting information, reached there and rescued them from the villagers, he said.

The woman has been providing police protection in the village to avoid any untoward incident.

According to villagers, the woman’s husband has been languishing in jail for the last 3 years due to which she earns her living by working as a daily wage labourer and bringing up her 3 children. While at work, she befriended a non-tribal man who is also married and having 3 kids and fell in love with him.

Villagers alleged that the woman had called the man at her house on Monday during which the Gram Pradhan and other villagers caught them in the objectionable situation and paraded them naked making video of the entire incident.

Later the video was made viral on social media and reached to the police department prompting them to rush to the village and rescue the victims. They were taken to Police Station and FIR was lodged.The FIR was lodged on Tuesday following which a team was formed and five villagers, including Gram Pradhan, were arrested. The names of the arrested persons include – Gram Pradhan Shamudhan Kisku, his son Kiran Kisku and three persons of the same family, Khandu Murmu, Diwan Murmu, Moti Lal Murmu, and Gopin Murmu.