Smuggler held with 80 kg of medicinal herb 'Nag Chatri' in Jammu and Kashmir's Kishtwar


JAISALMER: Three years after a 34-year-old biker died mysteriously during a practice run in a desert here in Jaisalmer before the India-Baja Motorsports Rally, the police have arrested two of his friends for meticulously executing the murder in collusion with his wife.

Biker Asbak Mon’s friends Sanjay and Vishwas were arrested from Bengaluru on September 22 and brought here, police said, adding other accused persons, including Mon’s wife Sumera Parvez and some other friends, will be arrested soon.

Mon had died on August 16, 2018 during a practice run in the desert before the motorsports event, police said, adding he was initially said to have lost his way in the desert and suspected to have died of dehydration.

His wife too had not suspected any foul play and the police had closed the case after registering the incident under CrPC provisions.

The case was reopened last year after Jaisalmer Superintendent of Police Ajay Singh while examining old cases, found several discrepancies in the incident involving the biker’s death.

The discrepancies included insufficient efforts of Mom’s wife and his friends, with whom he had gone on the practice run in the desert, to search him, besides some photographs showing injury marks on the deceased body and his properly-parked motorcycle, Jaisalmer’s Additional Superintendent of Police Narendra Choudhary said.

Call records of Mon’s wife and friends and their behaviour too raised suspicions, he said, adding Mon’s family members from Kunnur in Kerala too had been crying foul in the incident following which a murder case was registered in December 2020 and two of his friends were arrested now.

The police are also on the lookout for some other friends of Mon, who had come to Jaisalmer to participate in the rally along with his wife and three other friends Sabik, Neeraj and Santosh.