आयुष स्वास्थ्य एवं जागरूकता शिविर का भंडारसिवनी में हुआ सम्पन्न

With the arrival of the rainy season, various types of infectious diseases also start spreading. To prevent this, health and awareness camps are being organized by the teams of AYUSH department in the district under the guidance of District Ayurveda Officer Dr JR Netam. Under this, a one-day free AYUSH health and awareness camp was organized at Bhandarseoni on Tuesday. This camp was started by Bhandarsivni Sarpanch Balsingh Markam in the presence of village public representatives and other citizens by worshiping Lord Dhanwantri, the father of Ayurveda and lighting the lamp. * Treatment of 329 patients done * Seasonal diseases in this health and awareness camp. A total of 329 patients with gout diseases, stomach diseases, skin diseases, urticaria, gynecological diseases etc. were treated and consulted with Ayurveda and Homeopathy systems of medicine. On this occasion, Ayush Nodal Officer Dr. Chandrabhan Verma, while giving information about local medicine to the people, told about the prevention of seasonal diseases through yoga, by making Munga, Papaya, Red Bhaji, Spinach Bhaji and other nutritious trees in his house. Inspired to create a nutrition garden. * Ayurvedic remedies and decoction distribution to prevent corona * Along with measures to prevent corona, as well as easy measures of advisory issued by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India such as turmeric, milk, giloy, basil, ginger, black pepper Regular consumption of decoction of liquorice, etc. was told and the vine of Giloy was also distributed to the villagers. In the decoction to increase immunity, more than 500 villagers were also given decoction of Giloy and Tulsi to prevent seasonal diseases and increase immunity. Homeopathy Medical Officer Dr. Shrikant Sahu along with Pharmacist Sunil Gaikwad of Ayurveda Dispensary Borgaon, Devnath Markam, Khageshwar Nag and a large number of villagers were present. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading