चिचाड़ी (फरसगांव) में समस्त ग्रामवासियों ने गायता जोहारनी मनाया

In village Hichhad (Chichadi) of Farasgaon development block, the guests were brought to the stage by welcoming them with a dance dance, first of all, by requesting the service of Narr Bumayar, the Gayata Joharni program was started, as well as offering a new chivda and offered the juice of Mahua flower. Gaya. In addition to Narr Gayata, Patel, Manjhi, Siraha and prominent Siyans, the invited guests were honored in the stage by presenting turmeric rice, Mahua flower garland and white gamchha, after the village’s Nava Khai (Punang Tindana Pandum) the traditional custom in Gayata Joharni And according to the custom, the twelve Bani community members involved in Narr Hujad and Pen Hujad were also involved with great enthusiasm. Johar was presented by distributing Chivda to Gayata, Patel, Manjhi, Siraha and the village heads. In this program Tirumal Samarth Vatti said in his speech that Nava Khai (Punang Tindana Pandum) and Gayata Joharni festival of all the people of the community involved in our traditional Pen Bani system in the village, this is the identity of our native culture, that is why the village There is harmony in me, it is the duty of all of us to save it. Tirumal Ganesh Dugga Nagarpanchayat President in his speech has emphasized to celebrate such a festival to save the original culture of the village, our culture is our identity. Tirumal Hirasingh Markam insisted on celebrating Gayata Joharni according to the Narr system and the arrangement of the ancestors. Tirumal Sukhlal Markam Block Vice-President, in his statement, presented a song related to leaving the culture of Gondwana and not going to another religion, that the Gondi culture of Gondwana is our original culture, we are identified with this culture. It is the responsibility of all of us to save it. Tirumal Dular Singh Yadav, Tirumal Dhansingh Yadav and Tirumal Shatrughna Netam (Blacksmith) also said in their speech that we are also an integral part of the Narr Hujad and Pen system, according to the arrangement of the ancestors, we are complementary to each other, to save it. to be together. Apart from this, Tirumal Pawan Netam, Tirumal Manoj Markam, Sarpanch Tirumal Narasu Netam spoke in detail on Nava Khai and Gayata Joharni as other speakers, in this way our traditional custom and custom of ancestors has to be saved by celebrating every year. Only then will our culture survive. During this program, the team of Mati Mandri dance Barkai, Gutta Mandri and Dhol dance Aambrabhata, coordinating music Unjamatta Gotool Bhandarvandi captivated everyone, as well as the Rela Pata dance of Laya Lyor of the village made the atmosphere there a center of tremendous attraction. made. In this Gaita Joharni program, the members of Narr Gayata Parivar Mado Markam, Patel Santosh Kumar Markam, Samarth Vatti, Hira Singh Markam, Ghanshyam Markam, Ghasiya Vatti, Chamra Vatti, Sukhlal Markam, Sundar Netam, Lachman Netam, Arjun Netam, Dhani Korram, Brijlal Korram , Ganesh Dugga, Pawan Netam, Manoj Markam, Kabilas Thakur, Narasu Netam, Bali Vatti, Raoji Lal Vatti, Lachminath Yadav, Dular Yadav, Dhansingh Yadav, Shatrughan Netam and the respected dignitaries of the village, besides thousands of people were present. Balram Markam and Ramprasad Netam conducted this program in a very good way. Many thanks and service are given to all the villagers involved in the program. At the end of the Gaita Joharni program, arrangements were made for khichdi for the villagers and food for the guests on behalf of the villagers. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading