राष्ट्रीय कवि संगम द्वारा करवाई जा रही है श्रीराम काव्यपाठ प्रतियोगिता-2021

Participants of any age can participate in the competition. * Shri Ram Poetry Recitation Competition is being organized at the national level by the National Kavi Sangam Sanstha. For this purpose, a meeting of the National Kavi Sangam Kondagaon district unit was held to conduct the district level competition. The officials present in this meeting discussed and talked about making the district level poetry competition a success. The rules of the competition were told to everyone in the meeting. According to the rules of the competition, the subject of poetry will be that poem in which the glory, generosity, power and modesty-beauty of Shri Ram is described, but it is not to include any poem of Ramcharitmanas composed by Tulsidas. Similarly, any poem that does not reflect the glory of Shri Ram will not be considered eligible for competition. This huge competition will be held at three levels, at the district level, at the state level and at the national level. While reciting poetry, minimum 2:30 to maximum 4:00 minutes has been fixed. In this competition, presentation in Halbi, Chhattisgarhi or Hindi will be valid in Bastar district. The age group for the competition will be same, there will be no age restriction. The role time will also be a part of the total time for the reader of the poem. The role should not exceed 30 seconds. It is necessary to take the name of the author of the poem. The poem has to be recited only by memorization without the help of any reading material. If the poem is lyrical, then no musical instrument or rhythm can be used in it, nor can earphones be put in the ear. The last date for registering names for Kondagaon district will be competition date – 18 August 2021 till 10 am on Saturday. The competition has been scheduled on September 18, 2021 from 11 o’clock at Kondagaon district level to Saraswati Shishu Mandir Higher Secondary School, Kondagaon. The first three winners of this competition will be sent to the provincial level competition. The district level competition will conclude on September 18. To participate in the contest, send your name, age, a recent passport size photograph, home address, mobile, WhatsApp number and language/dialect of the poem on WhatsApp. You will get complete information and registration number on WhatsApp itself. Whats app numbers available to participate are- Vishwanath Devangan-7999566755, Deshvati Patel-9424291613, Harsh Lahoti-9589333342, Shravan Manikpuri-79740 42092 Email: rkskondagaoncg@gmail.com The provincial level competition of this poetry competition will be completed by October 15. The contestants reached in it will speak the same poem on the basis of which they have been selected. The same poem will remain in the national competition as well. The best 6 contestants from the province will participate in the national competition. The national competition will be held in two phases. The first zone wise and the last competition will be held in Delhi and the last competition will be live on November 15, 2021. In this competition, winners of Kondagaon district will be given prizes of ₹ 700, ₹ 500 for the second and ₹ 300 for the third. Apart from these, consolation prizes will be given to the next 10 participants in the order of preference at the district level. Among the winners of the provincial level competition, prizes of ₹ 5100 will be given to the first, 3100 to the second and ₹ 2100 to the third. The first winner of the national competition will be given a prize of ₹ 31000, the second ₹ 21000 and the third ₹ 11000. Certificates will be given to the winners of all levels and all the participants. Prizes will also be given to the first place winners of 22 languages ​​recognized by the Constitution of India in the competition. 3100 rupees will be given to the first winner of each language. There will be no separate competition for this. The competition will be decided by the jury which will be considered uncontroversial. The participants of the National Competition will be paid the minimum actual fare for the ordinary class bus journey or rail journey to and from the competition venue. The cost of transportation for the district and state level competition will be borne by the contestant himself. The registration of the competition is free. In this competition, no official of National Poetry Sangam will be able to participate in this competition. National Kavi Sangam district unit Kondagaon has appealed to the people to participate in maximum numbers. The above information was given by Vishwanath Devangan, district president of Kondagaon unit of the organization. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading