Mizoram Police seek info on fake documents possessed by 26 Myanmar nationals arrested in Guwahati

By Express News Service

GUWAHATI: The Mizoram Police have written to their Assam counterpart seeking information on the fake Indian documents which 26 arrested Myanmar nationals were carrying.

Two days ago, the foreigners – 16 male and 10 female – had arrived in Guwahati from Mizoram capital Aizawl in some vehicles and checked into a lodge but soon they were arrested.

In a statement, the Assam Police had said the persons from Myanmar’s Chin State were headed to Delhi to study theology. The police had also said that forged Indian documents, such as Aadhaar card, Voter ID etc., made in Mizoram, were recovered.

Mizoram Inspector General of Police (Headquarters) John Neihlaia said the Mizoram Police were seeking information on the fake documents made in Mizoram.

“The statement of the Assam Police says the fake documents were made in Mizoram. So, I had asked my colleagues to write to the Assam Police to share the information on this part. If these were made in Mizoram, we can trace out the people who are engaged in criminal activities,” Neihlaia told this newspaper.

“Our experience is that such fake documents are made in Manipur, Bengaluru and Delhi. I have not seen it before in Mizoram,” he added.

There has been a steady influx of people from Myanmar’s Chin State into Mizoram ever since the coup by the military of that country. Presently, over 10,000 Myanmar nationals are taking refuge in Mizoram.

The refugees are lodged in community halls, public halls, school buildings etc. The Mizoram government recently started enrolling the children of the refugees into schools.

People from the Chin community and the Mizos in India belong to Zo ethnic group and they share the same ancestry.

Talking about the influx of foreigners, Mizoram Home Minister Lalchamliana had recently told this newspaper: “Before the arrival of the British, it was one country. The Britishers divided the Mizo-inhabited areas into Burma and India. But till today, we have inter-marriage and blood relations.”