Top 5 things every buyer should know while purchasing a washing machine

Washing machines top the list of essential appliances in the modern home. Not only do they save time and effort, but also give your clothes the perfect wash they deserve! While these appliances have become an integral part of our lifestyle today, you may be spoilt for choice when choosing which washing machine to buy. 

Washers differ from each other in features, functionality, capacity, and other distinguishing characteristics like child lock, digital display, hot water wash, and so on. Of course, one of the important considerations that will affect your final choice is the washing machine price as these appliances are available in a wide price range based on the model you pick. 

However, choosing the right washing machine is about finding one that first suits your needs. To help with that, check out these 5 crucial things to check before purchasing a washing machine. 

Decide if you want a fully automatic or a semi-automatic model 

Before you pick a model, decide if you want the semi-automatic or fully automatic configuration. With a semi-automatic machine, you need to manually set wash programs and may even need to move clothes from the wash drum to the spin-dry drum. On the other hand, a fully automatic doesn’t require all this effort. Once loaded, you only need to set the wash program, and it will clean and dry your clothes without needing any intervention.

Do note that while a semi-automatic washing machine requires you to do more, they’re relatively cheaper and have water-saving features. Fully automatic machines usually have the best features and technology, and so the washing machine price of such models may be on a higher side. In both cases, there are a variety of options available. You are sure to find both variants, whether you’re looking for an IFB, Samsung, Whirlpool, Panasonic or LG washing machine.

Check for loading options before you finalize a machine

While front-load washing machines have better washing features, many prefer a top-loading washer owing to its superior comfort when loading clothes. It is important to note that front-load machines have top-end features, and so the washing machine price range for these is higher as compared to top-load variants. For a clearer picture of the differences, refer to this table.



Utilises more space

Takes up less space

Can load clothes comfortably, without the need to bend

Requires you to bend down

Uses more water

Uses less water


Costly in comparison

Choose a suitable load capacity depending on your household’s size

This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a washing machine. Load capacity is something you should decide based on the number of members in your household. Typically, the capacity for washing machines ranges from 5kg to 12kg and you should choose a higher capacity as the number of people increases. For instance, a 7kg load capacity washing machine is just right for a 3- to 4-member family. Similarly, a 5kg load capacity machine is ideal for an individual living alone.

Go for a washing machine with wash settings that suit your needs

Washing machines come with a wide range of wash settings. Some machines may have hot water washing options, primarily intended to clean heavily soiled clothes and tough stains. Delicate wash settings are useful to clean soft fabrics such as a baby’s clothes that require extra care. Similarly, there are several other settings for soaking, washing, and drying your clothes. Check these before you decide and pick one that has wash modes you will actually use.

Pick a washing machine with a good warranty period and service

Warranty is an important factor to look for, as most defects or problems during the warranty period may be covered at no additional cost. As such, check the warranty period and if there is an option of extended warranty as well. Do note that some manufacturers and brands may only offer warranty on certain parts. For instance, some brands offer warranty only for the motor, without covering damages incurred to the rest of the unit. Check such clauses, along with servicing provisions before you buy to ensure you get the post-sale care you need.

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