‘नरवा‘ के माध्यम से सहेजा जा रहा है पानी

Narva means small rivulets, drains and canals. The rain water first takes the form of rivers flowing through these Narva and later goes into the sea. Agriculture of Chhattisgarh is still largely rain-fed. In such a situation, it becomes very important that rain water should be saved through ‘Narva’ from the beginning and the maximum amount of rain that comes through nature should be used as much as possible. This water harvesting and water conservation has been emphasized by the Chhattisgarh government through ‘Narwa, Garwa, Ghurwa, Bari’. In the year 2018-19, under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, check dam construction work was done in Ghulghul, dependent village of Kohka, Tilda development block of Raipur district. Due to this the flowing water was stopped and it was also controlled. Now water is being available in sufficient quantity for about 200 acres of fields of 50 farmers of village Panchayat Ghulghul-Kohka. Sarpanch of the village, Mr. Sahdev Kurre said that the check dam has brought prosperity to the farmers’ families around it. Now they have got freedom from the worry of water. The farmer of the village, Mr. Leeladhar Verma, told that he has an 8-acre farm near the check dam. Earlier there was no water system for the crop. During the farming days, too much water fell and the crop was ruined due to the drain filling up completely. With the construction of the check dam, now water has started getting on time and the crop is getting good. Farmer Mr. Mahendra Kumar Singh said that before the construction of the check dam, there was no availability of water in the drain, the government fulfilled the demand of the farmers. Now crops are not affected, only production takes place. The farmers of the village, Mr. Vishambar Nishad, Mr. Balmukund Verma, Mr. Meghnath Dhiwar and other farmers have thanked them for this excellent initiative of the government. Now the farmers here use the water not only for irrigation, but this check dam is also being used for fish farming. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading