बारिश की कमी, खंड वर्षा और अल्पवर्षा के मद्देनजर सार्वभौम पीडीएस  के लिए हो पर्याप्त राशन का भण्डारण: श्री अमरजीत भगत

Food Minister Shri Amarjit Bhagat has directed to ensure adequate storage of rice for universal PDS by holding a meeting of departmental officers in view of lack of rain, block rainfall and scanty rainfall in various districts of the state. He resolved the paddy purchased from farmers at support price in Kharif year 2019-20 and 2020-21, lifting of paddy from committees, custom milling and in prescribed quantity in Food Corporation of India (FCI) and Chhattisgarh Food Civil Supplies Corporation (Non). Reviewed in detail regarding the supply of rice. The meeting was held at Surguja Kutir located in Naveen MLA Colony, Puraina. In the meeting, the non-officers told that they have two months’ ration stocked with them for universal PDS. According to the food guideline, there should be three months ration storage for PDS. In some districts there is a storage of one to one and a half months. Ration is being made available in inaccessible and remote places. Minister Shri Bhagat directed the officials of Markfed to provide rice for the remaining one month’s ration storage for Universal PDS. He inquired about the availability of district wise ration for Universal PDS and also directed to provide ration immediately where there is shortage of ration. Minister Shri Bhagat also inquired about the status of disposal of paddy purchased in support price in Kharif year 2020-21 in the meeting. Officials said that this year 92.02 lakh metric tonnes of paddy has been procured by the state government in support price. Out of this, 91.32 lakh metric tonnes of paddy has been disposed of by the committees. About 70 thousand metric tonnes of paddy is left in the committees for lifting. Of these, about 24 thousand metric tonnes in Kawardha, 16 thousand metric tonnes in Mahasamund and about 12 thousand metric tonnes in committees of Rajnandgaon district are remaining for paddy lifting. Continuous monitoring is being done by the department for the offtake of the remaining paddy in the committees. The remaining paddy in the committees will be resolved by September 10. Minister Shri Bhagat said that paddy will be procured for Kharif year 2021-22 in the coming months. Therefore, the disposal of paddy purchased in the last year should be completed by regular monitoring. Minister Shri Bhagat also reviewed the status of rice being deposited in Food Corporation of India and Chhattisgarh State Civil Supplies Corporation. Officials said that against the deposit of 24 lakh metric tonnes of rice in the Food Corporation of India, against the deposit of 17.77 lakh metric tonnes and 30.75 lakh metric tonnes in non-deposit, 25.44 lakh metric tonnes of rice has been deposited. 79 percent of the outgoing rice. He also instructed the officers to ensure early deposit of the remaining rice while expediting custom milling by continuous coordination and monitoring with the millers. Food Minister Shri Bhagat also reviewed the status of gunny bags for paddy procurement in Kharif marketing year 2021-22. Officials said that about 5.25 lakh bales of gunny bags would be required for the purchase of paddy this year. The Central Government has given consent to supply 1.79 lakh bales of gunny bags through the Jute Commissioner for the production of rice. Gunny bags will also be taken from ration shops and millers. Possible shortage of gunny bags 1.61 lakh bales of gunny bags are planned to be filled through open tender through Jute-HDPE bags. Minister Shri Bhagat said that the state government under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel is committed to buy paddy from farmers at support price, so that there should be no problem in selling paddy to the farmers, so the availability of gunny bags in sufficient quantity should be ensured. In the meeting, Secretary, Food Department, Mr. Topeshwar Verma, Special Secretary Mr. Manoj Soni, Managing Director of Markfed Mrs. Kiran Kaushal, Managing Director of State Civil Supplies Corporation Mr. Niranjan Das and other senior officers were present. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading