मुख्य सचिव ने सभी संभागायुक्तों और कलेक्टरों को गिरदावरी कार्य पर कड़ी निगरानी रखने के निर्देश दिए, अनियमित एवं खंड वर्षा से फसलों के प्रभावित होने की ली जानकारी

August 2021 / Chief Secretary Shri Amitabh Jain today took a meeting of the Divisional Commissioners and Collectors through video conference and inquired in detail about the impact on the productivity of Kharif crops due to irregular and fragmented rainfall in the current Kharif season. The Chief Secretary directed the collectors to complete the Girdawari with utmost care and seriousness and keep a strict vigil on it. He said that this is the most important and top priority work of the government. There should be no negligence in this. During this, Additional Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister Mr. Subrata Sahu was also present in the meeting. He also instructed to visit the villages compulsorily and observe the condition of the crops and contact the farmers so that the damage situation could be assessed. He also directed to update the Girdawari report received from the villages. The Chief Secretary also directed the Collectors to prepare necessary action plans for providing employment to the needy people in the villages and ensure availability of work through MNREGA, CAMPA and other schemes. The Chief Secretary said that in Kharif season, if any. Under crop diversification by the farmer, other crop was sown instead of paddy, which has been affected due to irregular and fragmented rainfall, then seed should be made available to the concerned farmer for sowing as far as possible. He also directed the Divisional Commissioners and Collectors to assess the situation of Nistar and drinking water in the villages in view of the below average rainfall in the current rainy season and prepare necessary action plan to solve this problem so that drinking water is supplied in the problem villages. Can go During the meeting, the Chief Secretary also inquired from the collectors about the status of water logging in irrigation dams, reservoirs, barrages of their district. He said that such dams and reservoirs where there is sufficient water logging, the farmers of the command area of ​​those dams and reservoirs should be given regular water for irrigation. Directed to ensure strict adherence to the protocol for prevention and to keep a constant vigil on the situation. He said that corona testing should continue uninterruptedly and more and more people should be tested. The Additional Chief Secretary directed the collectors to make all necessary preparations in view of the VIP visit in the state in the coming days. In the meeting, Ms. Rita Shandilya, Secretary, Department of Revenue and Disaster Management gave detailed information about the possible impact of the block and irregular rainfall in various districts Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading