रायपुर जिले मे डेंगू बीमारी से किसी भी मृत्यु की रिपोर्ट नहीं है

The Chief Medical and Health Officer has told that only ELISA positive is considered a confirmed case, 40 beds have been reserved for dengue patients, continuous surveillance work is going on through all eighteen urban primary health centersRaipur 30 August 2021 / Chief Medical and Health Officer Raipur Dr. Meera Baghel has told that there is no report of any death due to dengue disease in Raipur district. He has told that in the National Vector Borne Disease Control Program, only ELISA positive is considered as a confirmed case. Not to RD kit positive. NS1 and other viruses also come positive, only the Elisa test is confirmed, the Chief Medical Officer said that continuous surveillance work is going on through all the eighteen urban primary health centers of Raipur. Dengue test kits are available in all government hospitals of the district. Thirty beds are reserved for dengue patients in District Hospital, Pandri and ten beds in Ayurvedic Hospital, Danganiya. At present, out of the total reserved forty beds, thirty-eight beds are vacant. For prevention and prevention of dengue in the district, continuous propaganda work is being done. He told that thirteen-year-old Neha Soni, a resident of Ramnagar, died in Mekahara. She was admitted for the treatment of liver disease. Her Dengue ELISA test was positive. A girl child had died in Petals Hospital whose RD kit showed dengue positive. He had TBM and was sick. He had not had an ELISA test. Action is also being taken by issuing notice to Petals Hospital. Abhanpur resident had died in MMI Hospital. Whose RD test was declared dengue positive but serum was not sent for ELISA test. Similarly, Dimple Agarwal, who was admitted in MMI, has died. Their RD positive report is also being told but the sample was not sent for ELISA test, so that dengue can be confirmed. Action is also being taken by issuing notices to MMI Hospital in both the cases. It is worth mentioning that dengue is caused by the bite of Aedes mosquito. This mosquito breeds in clean water and bites during the day. People have been advised to wear full body covering clothes during the day. Similarly, wherever water is in the open, keep it covered. At present it is raining intermittently, due to which the breeding generation of mosquitoes is increasing. Mosquito prevention is the most effective way to prevent dengue. Medicated mosquito nets are being provided to all dengue patients by the health department. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading