Trail has launched the hashtag Pride of Trail to highlight the achievements and stories of creators from the LGBTQIA+ community. The month-long campaign will culminate with a virtual live Pride Parade. Interested users will be redirected to the registration link, where they can RSVP and watch live. June is a very special month for LGBTQIA pluses around the world. It is celebrated as Pride Month, a celebration of self-identity and love, and is a month of significant, extraordinary events for the community. People of many countries including India are taking steps in the right direction to change the mindset, yet this community is considered as a separate one. Therefore, Pride Month is not just a celebration, but it is also about creating awareness about the concept of LGBTQIA Plus. Against this backdrop, India’s number one lifestyle video and shopping app Trail is launching a month-long campaign. Beginning June 1, the campaign will prompt viewers regarding the parade, sharing a series of stories celebrating the achievers of the LGBTQIA Plus community, including LGBTQIA Plus minus related stereotypes and common misconceptions to create awareness. The creators will be there to answer the questions.

Three polls will be conducted to increase engagement and conversation around Pride Month, which aims to bring people from all spectrums together and de-emphasize the opposite of gender to the human aspect. In addition, Trail’s campaign will also share reminder posts and stories from June 23-29 – this week leading up to the Live Pride Parade, where parade performers or speakers will explain the parade’s highlights and share glimpses of the parade. do. The Pride Parade will be attended by eminent personalities like Harish Iyer, Sridhar Rangayan and Sagar Gupta, Neelakshi Roy and Apsara Reddy as some of the speakers/panelists. Community partners such as Zainab Rifai, Anvesha Sahu, Aher Abhina, Tyrone Braganza, Mohit Rai, Jai Bhanushali and Raghav Sachar will also shout out their support for the hashtags Pride of Trail and Live Pride Parade. The event will be broadcast as a live video on Trail’s Instagram and Facebook pages on the day of the Pride Parade, and will be hosted by Harish Iyer. They will inform the people present that day about the guests from all the regions. The Pride Parade will feature panel discussions, personal testimonials and more. Through this, there will be activities to better understand and celebrate the community, with each speaker having a branded sign board. It will have a message that they want to communicate to the audience, such as a direct parade. The campaign will feature the hashtag Pride of Trail along with ‘one-word videos’ by featured content creators uploaded on the platform’s social media pages. At the launch of the campaign, Indian equal rights activist Harish Iyer, who was recently included in the book 53 Queer Heroes of the World along with Ellen DeGeneres, said, “What we had in 2009, we lost in 2013. Got that again in 2018. History has told that we can never be satisfied.