Health minister TS Singhdev has tweeted that the reports published in some media outlets are baseless, stating that 30 percent vaccine wasted in Chhattisgarh. Health Minister Singhdev said that according to the central government’s own data, Chhattisgarh is one of the leading states in vaccination. He said in another tweet that only 0.29 per cent of the vaccines purchased directly by us for healthcare and frontline workers and 45 plus age group by the central government have been wasted. While it is far better than the national average of 6 percent. Singhdev also said that we are soon going to get 100 percent figures in healthcare and frontline workers in the state and vaccinations of the age group above 45 years. We are also doing remarkably well in immunization for the 18–45 age group. These published figures of vaccine wastage are far from the truth.
Singhdev said that in the video conferencing with us on May 21, the Union Health Minister had said that there is a technical error in the central government portal which is increasing the wastage percentage. We were assured that the Center will talk with the states to resolve the issue so that the correct figures can be made public. Singhdev has advised the person working on these selective leaks in the Central Government to please do a better job and if possible get help from someone who knows mathematics. He said that the focus of the central government should be on purchasing more vaccines than doing petty politics with the states.