RPF Director General warns personnel not to frame innocent people in theft cases

Express News Service
CHENNAI: The Director General of the Railway Protection Force (RPF), Arun Kumar, has warned RPF officials not to foist false cases against innocent people.

The direction was issued in the backdrop of complaints against RPF officials in some parts of the country that innocent people were framed in theft cases.

The top RPF official in his recent direction issued to the Principal Chief Security Commissioner of Southern Railway and other zones said no person should be detained or called for inquiry to the police station without valid evidence.

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“Instances have come to notice where some RPF personnel call an individual for examination to the RPF office and then force him/her to sign documents like bond/bail bond, statement, plain papers etc. If commission of such an act is established, deterrent penal action will be taken against the RPF personnel found responsible,” said Arun Kumar, Director General, RPF.

Stressing that RPF officials must adhere to the procedures spelled under Code of Criminal Procedure (Cr.PC) and directions of Higher Courts while arresting anyone, Kumar said if someone is detained or called for examination in any case for inquiry, it should be mentioned in the relevant records (Roznamcha, Daily Diary, Case Diary etc) and proper disposal of such person should also be brought on record.

“All arrests made must be recorded in Daily Diary and respective prescribed registers. Nothing should be obtained or taken in custody of RPF from the accused person or person called for inquiry without following legal process. Such undertakings should be recorded,” added Kumar.

He further said information on each person arrested and released on the bond or bail bond should be sent to the Divisional Security Control Room and to the trial court having jurisdiction for their information and necessary action.

The RPF’s primary duty is to protect the properties of railways, while the Government Railway Police (GRP) is tasked with protecting rail passengers and their properties. The RPF is also involved in enforcing safety guidelines issued by the railways in the interest of rail passengers.