MP Sunil Soni held a review meeting with AIIMS management on availability of oxygen, ventilator, vaccination and other essential equipment at Raipur AIIMS. During the brainstorm on the arrangement of the hospital, a surprising thing also came to light. AIIMS director Dr. Nitin M. Nagerkar did not rule out the possibility of a third wave of Kovid and said that everyone needs to be prepared for it. On this occasion, experts informed them that the second wave of Kovid-19 is proving more deadly. Despite this, serious patients are reaching specialists late. Many patients are arriving after taking all medicines from private physicians. The death rate remains higher than this. MP Soni praised the doctors working in various government hospitals including AIIMS and said that they need to cure more and more patients while protecting themselves from infection.

In this period of epidemic, doctors remain the ray of hope of the society. He said that with the help of social organizations and industrial institutions, he is constantly making efforts to strengthen the medical institutions from hospitals to voluntary organizations. He received information about ventilators, oxygen and vaccination in AIIMS. Also know about the double mutation of Kovid virus.

AIIMS director Dr. Nitin M. Nagerkar said that after the second wave, most of the serious patients are coming to AIIMS. Most of these patients are arriving late, whose oxygen level is very low or they are bringing all medicines from private doctors. In such a situation, it becomes challenging to bring them back to normalcy. He said that most patients are in need of oxygen and steroid immediately. AIIMS has provided adequate oxygen beds for this. He also apprised MP Soni about vaccination and availability of oxygen.