There is a sense of panic over the corona infection in the state. At the same time, amidst this atmosphere of panic, a picture has come out from the Indoor Stadium in the capital, seeing that the corona virus patients will be encouraged to fight it even more. In fact, the doctors and other staff treating the corona infected at the Indoor Stadium Kovid Care Center Hospital in the capital Raipur are cheering each other by singing songs. All these people are encouraging each other by singing songs, so that these people can treat the patients in this hour of trouble and the patients will also get morale. Mayor Ejaz Dhebar wrote that doctors do not call God another form of God. In this difficult period of crisis, health workers are constantly encouraging patients by relieving them from the maniacal stress, along with treating and caring for the corona patients continuously without resting. Today, this form of doctors doing their duty at Indoor Stadium was also seen. The Mayor said, Raipur salutes the spirit of the health workers.