MP: Comedian withdraws video after outfit run by BJP MLA's son takes offence

INDORE: A comedian has withdrawn a video from social media platforms after an organisation run by a Madhya Pradesh BJP MLA’s son accused him of hurting religious sentiments.

Ranjeet Kaushal, also known as Ranjeet Bhaiya, told PTI on Saturday that he got a call from a person from `Hind Rakshak’, an outfit run by BJP MLA Malini Laxman Singh Gaud’s son Eklavya.

Eklavya Singh was in news earlier this year when he filed a case against comedian Munawar Faruqui for allegedly cracking jokes about Hindu deities, leading to the latter’s arrest.

“A man rang me up from Eklavya Singh’s office. He told me my video has hurt religious feelings and I have no right to mock a religion. I felt he was right so I apologised and withdrew the video,” Kaushal said.

“I had no intention to hurt anybody’s religious feelings. The video had a message against infanticide in the end,” the comedian added.

A Hind Rakshak spokesperson said Kaushal withdrew the video about Navratri after the organisation issued him a “first and last warning”.

It was on Eklavya Singh’s complaint that Faruqui and some others were arrested in January for a stand-up act at a cafe in Indore.

Faruqui was released after the Supreme Court gave him bail a month later.