Raids at Ghaizabad hospitals; five arrested from Uttarakhand for manufacturing fake Remdesivir 

GHAZIABAD: Raids have been conducted at five hospitals in Ghaziabad and irregularities were found in stocking of life-saving medicines.

The administration had received complaints that the hospitals have admitted people who were not having COVID symptoms to show their beds occupied.

The facilities were later providing beds at exorbitant rates, according to a statement.

A team checked the stocks of Nagar Hospital and it was found that from April 6, the facility hospital had received 250 remdesivir injections, while it was declared as COVID hospital on April 25.

The medical store was selling remdesivir directly to the needy and no record of sale was maintained, an official said.

Remdesivir was not given to the patients who were admitted to the hospitals.

The whole stock was sold out at the medicine outlet of the hospital, the official said.

Four more facilities — Ganesh Hospital, Narinder Mohan hospital, Le Crest and Atlanta hospitals — have been warned to rectify the errors found in records maintenance.

They will submit the record within a week.

Notice has been issued to the management of Nagar hospital.

Action would be initiated against the management under the pandemic and other appropriate sections of law.

The Delhi Police on Thursday busted a pharmaceutical unit and arrested five people from Uttarakhand’s Kotdwar area for allegedly manufacturing large quantities of fake Remdevisir injections, official said.

Police said they have seized 196 fake Remdesivir injections.

The accused have already sold 2,000 fake Remdesivir injections.

Delhi Police Commissioner S N Shrivastava took to Twitter to share information regarding the incident and the subsequent arrests.

“Delhi Police working on useful information arrested 5 culprits in a prolonged investigation & unearthed a ‘pharmaceutical’ unit at Kotdwar, Uttarakhand manufacturing large quantities of fake Remdevisir injections (COVIPRI) sold at price over Rs 25000.

“In all 196 ready to sell fake Remdesivir injections were seized.

From the premises, packing machines, 3000 empty vials for packing Ramdesivir were recovered.

Accused further disclosed that he already sold 2,000 fake Remdesivir injections to desperate people,” the commissioner tweeted.

Due to the spirilling cases of the coronavirus, the demand for antiviral Remdesivir injection has increased.