For the last few years, Asus has been trying to capture the attention of gamers like me with its ROG lineup of gaming phones. Dedicated gaming phones have always been looked at as niche devices, and although that thought is slowly going away, the ROG Phone 5 represents the ideal way forward for a premium gaming phone. I was able to get my hands on a ROG Phone 5 for review — and I finally understand the appeal of this gaming smartphone.

On the surface, the ROG Phone 5 looks a lot like its predecessor, the ROG Phone 3. There are subtle differences between the two devices when it comes to the design language. The back has a dot-matrix style light-up ROG logo, which is highly customisable. The front houses a large 6.8-inch AMOLED display along with the best speakers ever on a phone. Bezels have been reduced significantly, and for a change, the headphone jack is making a return. While the front of the ROG Phone 5 is glass and the sides are metal, I would have liked the phone to have a lighter feel. The phone is solidly built, though I must say the ROG Phone 5 is a heavy phone.

The phone has a 6.78 inches AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2448x1080p. The display is sharp and colours literally pop up. It was a delight watching Wonder Women 1984 on the ROG Phone 5. The screen’s 144Hz refresh rate is an overkill I’d say. Thankfully you can set the refresh rate to be 144Hz, 120Hz, or 60Hz. The device also features a fingerprint scanner in the display. It seemed improved over the in-screen fingerprint scanner found in the ROG Phone 3.