Box pushing has been successfully carried out at Raipur Yard (West) Km 829 / 32-36 of Raipur Station of South East Central Railway Raipur Railway Division. Due to this, the partial change made in the platform of trains to be operated from Raipur station is being re-operational from 9 April. MEMU special trains coming to platform number 2,3 will be re-operated platform number 1-A. Train No. 08703 (Raipur-Durg), 08710/08705 (Dongargarh-Raipur-Durg), 08816/08815 (Kewati-Raipur-Kewt), 08717 (Raipur-Durg), 08709 (Raipur-Dongargarh), Platform no. 2,3 Will be operated from platform number-1A.