CRPF man is our captive, appoint interlocutors: Maoists

Express News Service
RAIPUR: The doctors treating the security personnel revealed that the firearm wounds among the injured jawans were not like those seen in the recent 6-7 years when the forces had exchanges with the Maoists.

Most of the injuries had resulted due to shots from modern weapons or barrels from which a projectile is propelled through rapid burning of gunpowder. As many fifteen injured jawans were air-lifted to Raipur for emergency medical attention.

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According to the Director of Ramkrishna Care hospital Dr Sandeep Dave, it is for the first time in recent years that the Maoists have wounded jawans using hi-tech modern weapons. Eleven troopers injured in Saturday’s Bijapur ambush have been admitted at Ramkrishna Care hospital.

“All the personnel are stable and we hope they would soon be out of danger. Earlier, the wounds were mostly from country guns or improvised weapons but this time the injuries are caused by the hi-tech weapons and advanced guns”, said Dr Dave.

A police officer based in Bastar stated that in this era of technology, the armed Maoist battalion accessing modern weapons are having an influence in the warfare.  

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The gunbattle last Saturday was a direct faceoff between the security forces and the trained armed wing of the CPI (Maoist) who have automatic weapons like UBGL, LMG, AK-47 and others — which mostly looted from the forces.

“The forces during the Bijapur encounter didn’t have the weapon superiority over the Maoists as their Battalion number-one uses the modern automatic firearms. The troopers trapped in the Maoist ambush were targeted by hi-tech weapons. Engaging in a direct confrontation with the Maoist battalion is not something that happens often”, the police officer stated.