UP's Atiya Sabri, who petitioned SC against triple talaq practice, wins alimony battle

Express News Service
LUCKNOW: Atiya Sabri, one of the six petitioners who had fought against the practice of triple talaq in the Supreme Court, won a major battle as a family court in Saharanpur has directed her estranged husband to give her monthly maintenance of Rs 21,000 so that she can raise her two daughters. 

The decision came on Thursday in the trial which lasted for over five years. Besides the alimony, Atiya will also get an arrear of Rs 13.4 lakh as the case had been filed more than five years ago.

Atiya had also petitioned the Supreme Court which passed an order against the age-old practice in August 2017.

Atiya Sabri’s marriage headed for discord with the birth of her second daughter. As per her allegations, she was forced out of the house by her husband and in-laws for giving birth to a second girl child in 2015. She also alleged that they tortured her for dowry and asked her to bring Rs 20 lakh from her parent.

Married on March 24, 2012, Atiya was given the instant ‘talaq’ on November 2, 2015, by her husband Wajid Ali who sent her a letter writing the word talaq thrice on it.

Atiya moved Saharanpur family court on November 24, 2015, about 20 days after getting the talaqnama.

“Now, I will be able raise my two daughters decently. It was a battle of Atma Samman for me. I am satisfied with the order as God has been kind as he chose me for this purpose, be it the fight for the triple ‘talaq’ law or winning this alimony case. This will come as a boon to women of our community and inspire them to fight for their rights,” said Atiya while interacting with media persons.