MAC United, the new entity of JCI Raipur Vama Capital, was formed. The swearing-in ceremony of the new executive was held on Tuesday at Mack College in Samta Colony. The new executive chapter in charge doctors Shweta Tiwari and Patel Ujjwal Patel were made. JC Yogita Jaiswal administered the oath to Chairman Jessie Sparsh Lakhina and Secretary Jessie Praksha.

The event organized under the guidance of JCI India Senate Board and MAC College Director Rajesh Aggarwal, Chief Guest Ramesh Aggarwal (Former Chairman MAC), Distinguished Guest JFP Rajesh Shroff, Swearing Officer JC Yogita Jaiswal (Zone President), JCI Senator Amitabh Dubey (Super Chapter Coach), Principal of the college Dr. Jyoti Janaswamy.

Benefiting from the various training programs of JCI, students are playing an important role in the success of every field of life by developing time management, discipline, social service and leadership qualities. JCI Vama Capital Chairman Jesse Aastha Gupta honored by wearing a pin, collar and administered the oath.

On the formation of JCI Raipur MAC United in his address, Chief Guest Ramesh Aggarwal said that in the coming time it will definitely become the largest chapter in the country. A new awakening will come in the lives of students. Distinguished guest Rajesh Shroff said that JCI is such a university, which refines your talent and mixes sweetness in life.

Key-note speaker JCI Senate Rajesh Aggarwal said that like the Rover Ranger, this too was a vision of mine, which is completed today. JCI is running in only three or four colleges in the country, in which the name of MAC has also been included. Certainly the future of JCI Raipur MAC United is very bright.