Due to the climatic variations of Chhattisgarh, there is immense potential for production of horticultural crops. To give it a concrete shape, the Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel and Agriculture Minister Ravindra Chaubey laid the foundation stone of Mahatma Gandhi Horticulture University on October 2 in Sankra Patan of Durg district. It is the first horticulture college in the state, where there will be work related to education, research and training in horticulture sector. This will give a boost to horticulture crops in the state.

The area under cultivation of horticulture crops has increased more than four times in the last few years. Production has also increased five-fold compared to earlier. The main fruits grown in the state of Chhattisgarh are mango, guava, lemon, litchi, cashew, walnut, chiku etc. Apart from these major fruit crops, sitaphal, vine, plum, amla, etc. are also produced. The total area of ​​fruit crops in the year 2019-20 in the state is 2 lakh 58 thousand 630 hectares and production is 25 lakh 48 thousand 930 metric tons. Vegetables – Most vegetable crops like Solanaceae crops, cucurbits, beans, cabbage, cauliflower etc. are grown very well in the state. The total area of ​​vegetable crops in the year 2019-20 in the state is 5 lakh 25 thousand 147 hectares and the production is 71 lakh 58 thousand 909 metric tons. Spices – Chilli, ginger, garlic, turmeric, coriander and fenugreek are the major spices grown in the state. The total area of ​​spices is 55 thousand 376 hectares and the production is 3 lakh 54 thousand 525 metric tons.
Chhattisgarh has been negligible in the field of floriculture. To meet the growing demand for flowers in the state, it is necessary to promote commercial floriculture among the farmers. Major flowers such as Mary-Gold, Tuberose, Gladiolus, Roses, Gallardia, Chrysamsum, Orchids etc. can be grown very well without much care. The area under floriculture in the state is 13 thousand 493 hectares and the production is 76 thousand 219 metric tons. Aromatic and medicinal crops in the state include Ashwagandha, Sarpagandha, Satwar, Butch, Aonla, Tikhur and aromatic crops include Lemongrass, Pamaroja, Jamaroja, Patchouli, E-Citridora etc. Area of ​​aromatic and medicinal crops is 8 thousand 957 hectares and production is 59 thousand 172 metric tons.