Diploma engineers of Bhilai Steel Plant-BSP celebrated the 72nd Republic Day as a celebration. Following the Corona Guideline, the flag was hoisted at Sector-7, Office of Diploma Engineer Association Bhilai. The chief guest was Murugation, chief general manager of Universal Rail Mill-URM, and MV Ramprasad, the general guest.

Chief General Manager Murugeshan while congratulating Republic Day said that diploma engineers are the backbone of a company. Bhilai Steel Plant has an army of youth. Diploma engineers are realizing their power from steel production to railway tracks. Distinguished guest Ram Prasad also acknowledged the importance of personnel holding a three-year engineering diploma qualification.

General Secretary Abhishek Singh demanded the Cell Management to resolve the important issue of honorable designation as soon as possible. Former Steel Minister Chaudhary Birendra Singh had announced the honorable designation of diploma engineer. Even after four years, cell management could not be implemented till date.